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Do you believe that the price of your rod matters to the fish? Everything depends on when and where the fly lands. If it’s correct, you’ll catch it.

How effective are low-budget fly rods? What’s the genuine answer? Very.

Today I’ll show you some of the most affordable fly rods available… You’ll be astounded by how much you can acquire for less than $200.

Additionally, I’ll go through a couple of features that I think you’ll want to have.

Top 7 Budget Fly Rods for Fly Fishing 2022

Top 7 Budget Fly Rods for Fly Fishing 2022

When shopping for the best cheap fishing rods, you’re probably on a tight budget… ‘Budget’ is a relative concept, so to make sure you are covered, I’ve included a list of rods in a range of price ranges.

Goture Fly Fishing Rod

The time has come to seriously budget corners.

When I saw this, I was truly presently surprised. There are a few features you’ll find on more priced rods, but they’re not deal-breakers.

To begin, consider the issue of scale. With a length of 9 feet and a weight rating of #4, you’ll be able to use this in a wide variety of settings. It’s even possible to go up to a #5 weight if you anticipate the need for something a little more robust.

This fly rod is medium action, making it a touch stiff. For a newbie, this is considerably easier to manage.

Here are some wonderful additions…

Ceramic lines the stripping guide. This implies that the line won’t stick and should assist in gaining a reasonable distance in your cast. Another excellent touch is the chrome snake guides, which should survive for a long time without corroding.

I love the appearance of the burl wood insert too, it is sophisticated!


  • The affordable price!
  • A nice-looking rod.
  • Easy to cast medium action.
  • Great for beginners.


  • The cork handle is just AA, a minor reduction of quality compared to premium rods.
  • I didn’t like the shiny appearance. It’s possible that on sunny days, this will scare fish away.


When it comes to fly fishing equipment, it doesn’t get much more affordable than this…

Actually, they do… but they’re trash).

If you were to couple this with a budget fly reel. You could easily purchase yourself the greatest fly rod for $100! Not bad, considering.

MaximumCatch Premier Fly Fishing Rod

This rod has left me with a conflicted impression. Things I enjoy and a few things I’d want to see improved.

But what I do know is this.

It’s inexpensive and it works!

The medium-fast carbon fiber blank has a powerful action. You’ll be able to throw more easily this way, and the line will be easier to grab as it hits the water. It is rather odd in that it is green in hue. Personally, I like my rods grey, but I’m not going to trash it too much, since that’s just my own opinion.

In addition to the alignment dots, a ceramic stripping guide, and stainless steel snake-type eyes, this 4-piece budget fly rod also comes with a ceramic stripping guide.

And there’s something else.

Even on budget rods, the ‘fighting butt’ is a welcome addition. It is considerably more comfortable to use this part when battling a large fish.


  • It’s a great fly fishing rod at a great price!!
  • I appreciate the fighting butt and the alignment dots. \s• Medium quick action, ideal for casting.


  • I personally don’t like the green finish.
  • Steel eyes are amazing, but you’ll want to dry them after a session.


This is a decent fishing rod for the money. Ultimately, you get what you pay for, but it is one of the better of the many in this price category. It isn’t very fancy but will get you out and fishing for a modest price.

Fiberglass Fly Rod from Cabela’s

I greatly rate Cabela’s stuff.

They do fit inside a reasonable budget range, yes.

They do their job well.

How is the cost so low? Well, this rod is Fiberglass instead of carbon. Some people may think it’s an out-of-date piece of technology because of its added weight. In any case, it’s a terrific way to buy a high-quality fishing rod for a reasonable price.

Now, a word of warning…

This rod is a touch slower than what you’d generally anticipate. But this gives you a tremendous level of control and will allow you to have the required muscle to draw in fish of all sizes.

It would be particularly wonderful for fishing little streams or at close range.

The extras are my favorite part!

The high-quality cork handle looks quite smooth and has a lovely shape too. Just above it, you’ll discover a whipping hook keeper, which is excellent if you are the sort of fisherman that loves to move about a lot and stow your fly nice and safe in transit.

The longest this rod goes up to is 7’6″, therefore you will be confined fishing smaller waterways.


  • Again, reasonable price!
  • Nice and light with a leisurely action.
  • High-quality cork handle.


  • Listen, I’ll be honest here… Spigot-style reel chairs irritate me greatly. I wish this had a screw seat, but I guess that’s why the price is lower.
  • The sluggish action won’t be for everyone.


Cabela’s is a premium brand that shouldn’t fail you down. If they had manufactured this rod with a screw-in reel seat, it would have been great. This isn’t a big game rod and would be far better suited to fishing in tiny streams and ponds.

Best Fly Rods Under $200

Got a bit extra to spend? That’s fantastic.

You’ll discover a dramatic rise in quality, performance, and some of the greatest fly rods out there.

You receive the following for your money:

Echo Carbon XL Fly Rod

Okay, so we all know what’s going on here…

A knockoff of far more expensive rods. Is it, however, effective?

Well, yeah, it does, actually.

No matter where you fish or what species you target, this lightweight rod comes in a variety of weights ranging from #2 to #6.

I really appreciate the high-quality handle, and, sure, it has a screw reel seat.

Two ceramic stripping guides are included with the 4-piece rod. Great for increasing your casting range. Alignment dots are also included, making it simple to verify that your rod is properly set up.

The #5 weight 9′ version is what I’d suggest. That will cover you for 90 percent of the fishing you wish to undertake.

What is the most notable characteristic of this product?

This rod is light, I mean, genuinely light. When placed up against some extremely high-quality fishing brands, it really holds its own fairly nicely.


  • Lightweight and affordable.
  • Excellent casting performance.
  • Available in a range of sizes and weights.


  • Honestly? Not a much, really… The only negative is that you can obtain a quality brand for the money (as you are going to find) (as you are about to see).


The cheaper ‘copies’ of well-known rods are not usually something I support, but in this situation, I will make an exception. This rod throws like a dream and is certainly powerful enough. It has been intended to resemble rods that are 4x the price. For the money, what’s not to love?

Fly Fishing Rod Redington VICE

Tried and trusted. Redington is one of my go-to selections if the terms ‘budget’ and ‘fly fishing’ are mentioned in the same phrase.

This is an entry-level fly fishing rod. It’s a little shabby, but that’s because it was made to make fly fishing more accessible to everyone.

Let’s start with the blank…

It’s a medium-fast action that should deliver a nice compromise between fish-fighting abilities and line pickup. I felt the rod’s diameter a touch thick, and I wasn’t delighted with the green hue.

The mere fact that I’m looking for a low-cost fly rod does not necessitate that it be visually appealing.

Once I got over the glances and concentrated on what was actually important, I was happy. It’s simple to cast correctly with this rod, but it seemed stiff compared to other rods in the same price range.

The quality handle and the metal reel seat are both great considering the price.

Those extras?

The snake guides in black anodized aluminum are stunning. They are coated to avoid corrosion. The laser-etched reel seat is also a really nice touch.


  • An economical fly rod from a solid manufacturer.
  • Super strong and durable.
  • Nice casting action.


  • I don’t like the green color.
  • It is a little thick and hefty.


A moderate performance by Redington. It’s worth a look as a backup rod. It is hard-wearing and quite robust, although there are lighter rods out there for sure. For the occasional enthusiast or a few excursions a year, it would do nicely.

Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit

Now we are chatting!

It’s easy to see why the 5-weight 9-foot rod is such a popular choice.

Quite simply, this is great value, and I’m not sure how Orvis has managed to pull this off!

Not only do you get a high-quality Orvis encounter rod… But you’ll also get a huge arbor reel as part of the package! In fact, I like it so much it’s going onto my list of the finest fly rod and reel combos!

When you concentrate on the rod, you’ll notice that it has a good, smooth casting action and great performance. The action is exactly ideal for simple casting, not too quick, not too sluggish, and the blank is solid enough to handle just about anything.

The finish is outstanding. In a dark grey, it looks and feels the part. This, paired with a high-quality cork handle and hook keeper, ensures it looks professional.

Adding a rod and reel to the mix makes this thing a genuine bargain!



  • I’m not going to find fault where there isn’t any. This is an excellent fly rod for the money.


What if greatness could be had for a reasonable price? Yes sir. I’m not going to beat around the bush… There’s no contest: this is the greatest fly rod under $200.

Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh II Fly Rod

I’ll never understand how a graphite rod can be made for this low a price…

Temple Fork Outfitters’ rod is a serious contender for a high-end prize. What makes it ‘cheap’ isn’t the price! It’s the reality that rods with identical performance levels cost 5 times more!

As with most of my choices, this rod is medium-fast, offering you the most adaptability in the places you fish. And, as I indicated before, go for a 5WT 9′ option for total versatility with where and how you fish.

The blank of this rod is adorned with a gold logo, lending it a luxurious appearance. You’ll also notice a high level of quality in the casting.

The aluminum reel seat will keep the weight down. Your reel is firmly fixed in position and is fully impenetrable when it comes to corrosion.

The rod disassembles down to 4 sections providing for simple transit.


  • Stunning appearance, excellent casting performance, and a high-quality reel seat and handle.


  • Even the most inexpensive fly rods come with a rod tube included.


I liked this rod. It has a refined appearance and appears to have the potential to be an excellent caster. Since rod tubes were included for rods under $100, I was a little angry that they weren’t included with this one. As a whole, this is an excellent rod that will serve its owner well for a few years.


Hopefully, you have seen that the greatest budget fly rod doesn’t have to imply the lowest quality fly rod. After all… This list would be incomplete without an Orvis rod.

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