Orvis Battenkill Fly Reel

There is nothing more thrilling for a fly fisherman than hearing their drag scream when a massive fish makes a strong run downstream. As one of the most historically significant goods produced by Orvis, the Battenkill fly reel remains beloved among fly fishermen of all ages

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Orvis Battenkill | Click & Pawl AND Disc Drag

The Orvis Battenkill is available with both click-and-pawl and disc-type drag mechanisms. Each reel serves a unique purpose depending on your fishing technique and the size of the fish you’re chasing.

1. Click and Pawl

The click and pawl reel is suitable for fishermen whose fly reels are only used to retain the line.

Click-and-Pawl reels are the most practical option for anglers targeting smaller prey, such as tiny wild trout or any other species unlikely to make lengthy runs downstream. However, these reels will hold their own against larger fish with a strong will to run.

The drag system on click & pawl reels is designed for simplicity, with the majority of click drag systems consisting of a ratchet mechanism that imparts a tiny amount of resistance as the line is drawn out.

Despite the Orvis Battenkill Click & Pawl having four distinct drag settings, the resistance is still negligible, which is the point.

2. Disc Drag

The Battenkill disc is the powerful, technologically improved big brother of the Battenkill Click and Pawl, designed for anglers seeking a greater drag mechanism while maintaining the same simple and durable construction.

This reel is available in line weights ranging from 1 to 9wt and features a better seal drag mechanism based on Orvis’ Hydros line. The disc version of the Battenkill flaunts the same classic style and provides outstanding stopping power.

Functionality And Cost

The Orvis Battenkill is the ideal reel for fishermen who devote most of their time fishing for smaller trout or even bluegill and bass. It is the ideal reel for those who are overwhelmed by the complexity of most high-priced reels because of its straightforward design and easy maintenance.

The normal Battenkill may be purchased for $120, while the disc drag model costs between $150 and $180. Orvis engineered these reels to withstand years of water-related wear and tear to sweeten the deal.

The reel has an absolute guarantee against any faults or workmanship issues, which should let anyone considering buying one of these reels relax.

This reel is a top choice for most anglers looking for a new small-stream reel due to its thin, streamlined form, as well as its affordability and durability.

The Battenkill’s functionality is due to its design’s simplicity and endurance. It is made from heavy-duty aluminum bar stock and is both durable and lightweight. Its weight is vital when determining a balanced setup for shorter rod lengths.

Orvis shows little indication of altering its design, which has remained virtually unchanged for nearly a century. With traditional designs comes traditional engineering. The Battenkill I-III models are constructed with only twenty-four individual components.

Again, compared to other reels in its category, the Battenkill is the most straightforward.

If you like to learn more about fishing reels in general, please refer to our page entitled Types of Fishing Reels Exposed.

Orvis Battenkill Fly Reel Review | Features And Specifications

The Battenkill Click and Disc versions are available in a variety of sizes, as detailed in the following table.

  • Battenkill Disc I for line weights 1-3, 4.4 oz., 2¾” diameter
  • Battenkill Disc II for line weights 3-5, 4.6 oz., 3″ diameter
  • Battenkill Disc III for line weights 5-7, 4.9 oz., 3¼” diameter
  • Battenkill Disc IV for line weights 7-9, 5.9 oz., 3½” diameter
  • Battenkill I for line weights 1 through 3, 2.8 ounces, 234″ diameter
  • Battenkill II for line weights 3-5, 2.9 ounces, 3 inches in diameter
  • Battenkill III for line weights 5-7, 3.2 oz., 3¼” diameter

Due to its variety of sizes, the Battenkill reel is a versatile option. Whether you are fishing for little brook trout in high elevation streams or simply enjoy the sensation of a screaming click and pawl drag while fishing for larger fish, this reel may be a terrific addition to a variety of fishing outfits.

Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag Reel

For anglers planning to pair the Battenkill with a saltwater fly rod, the Disc Drag version of this reel is a must-have for slowing down a feisty redfish. Despite the reel’s strong construction, it is surprisingly lightweight. The majority of reels used with a 1-3wt rod should fall within the 4-5oz weight range, making the Battenkill I an ideal choice for these smaller setups.

Orvis Battenkill Click And Pawl

Although the Battenkill Click and Pawl is a minimalist’s dream reel, it nonetheless features additional technologies. The Battenkill may be readily changed to fit left- or right-handed retrieval preferences for fishermen that choose a left- or right-handed retrieve.

Most remarkable is the adjustable four-position drag mechanism within the reel. While this adjustment option gives some versatility, the click and pawl drag system’s actual purpose is to manually allow the angler to slow down a fish during a vigorous run.

Orvis Battenkill Click and Pawl Reel

This reel’s narrow width minimizes line crossing while taking up line, an often-overlooked yet unexpectedly effective feature. In addition, Orvis sells an additional spool for $70, allowing anglers to adapt their line configurations to certain scenarios swiftly.

Strengths And Weaknesses | Battenkill Reviewed

The Orvis Battenkill has a number of reasons to be at the top of any fisherman’s list of options, including its classic design, modest appearance, and flawless functioning. This reel’s affordable pricing ($120) makes it affordable for most anglers seeking a more serious rod-and-reel combination.

Season after season, regardless of wear and tear, its durable structure offers optimal performance. It is a functionally attractive option due to the design’s simplicity and timeless look.

Although the sound of a clicking drag is appealing, this drag technique may not be for everyone, and fishermen who pursue large animals may find this reel to be underpowered. A disc drag system may be more suitable if you want to allow a strong fish rush directly to the reel.

The Battenkill is a medium-sized arbor reel with a good rate of line pickup. A big arbor reel is preferable for quick and efficient line retrieval circumstances. Regardless, Orvis has produced a reel that covers more ground than its competitors.

Fly Rod Combos (That Pair Well With This Reel)

If fishermen place a high value on aesthetics, fly rods and reels should be selected to complement one another in terms of weight distribution, size, usefulness, and overall appeal.

Anglers interested in purchasing the Orvis Battenkill reel should seek a rod that complements its lightweight and slender form.

The Drifter, manufactured by Moonshine Rod Co.

It is crucial to evaluate the regions where the Battenkill will be most often fished; for the majority of anglers, these will be little streams with dense cover in quest of wild trout.

If this is the case, a short rod with a slower action will be optimal for these situations.

The Drifter by Moonshine Rod Co. is a well-liked complement to the Battenkill. With its slow-to-medium motion, this rod allows for precise casting.

Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh

The Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh 3wt is also a perfect alternative for fishermen searching for a rod with a more responsive action to complement their new Battenkill reel.

These rods, like The Drifter by Moonshine Rod Co., are also available at reasonable prices, making them an ideal alternative for anglers on a budget who wish to construct a tiny stream angling setup.

Aventik Z Series

The Aventik Z Series is one of the most cost-effective rods that may be paired with the Battenkill while still delivering great performance.

This rod is lightweight, has a rapid action with a sensitive tip section, and is a suitable option for anglers who do not want to invest in an expensive new rod since they may subject it to wear and tear in the wilderness.

This is an Orvis Clearwater

The Orvis Clearwater is last, but surely not least. These rods are ideal for all types of fly fishing but are especially adept at making shorter casts and mending on tiny bodies of water.

The Clearwater is on the heavier side, but with the appropriate choice of line and leader, this medium-action rod may become the ideal option for any angler seeking optimal performance on the lake.

Let’s Reel It In…

The Orvis Battenkill Click and Pawl reel is suitable for minimalist fly fishing when all of its features are considered. The traditional style is very ageless and aesthetically beautiful. The Battenkill is an excellent option for the fly angler in need of a sleek, effective reel that will amaze his fishing companions without breaking the bank.

This reel should inspire trust in fly fishermen’s performance and durability in various fishing conditions. This reel is very adjustable, with several size possibilities, alternate retrieve methods, and the possibility for a disc drag.

The Orvis Battenkill Click and Pawl reel should be your next significant purchase if you are in the market for an economical, effective, and basic reel that will endure for decades.

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