Best Fishing Coolers

Whether you’re fishing from the beach or in a kayak, drifting in a drift boat, or miles offshore on a charter boat, fishing coolers may make or break your day. It maintains the temperature of your meal and beverage and guarantees that your hard-earned catch is delivered to you in pristine condition.

The market is saturated, making it difficult to navigate the multitude of accessible alternatives. Different sizes, forms, and intended applications might make it challenging to choose the best option. And, like with all things, some are superior to others. So do yourself a favor and read our helpful tips and buy the best fishing cooler you can afford.

Best Fishing Coolers
Best Fishing Coolers: Backpack, Kayak, Large &Amp; Small | Buyer’s Guide (2022) 3

Wilderness Systems Insulated Catch Cooler for Kayaks is the best kayak fishing cooler.

Considerations Prior to Purchasing a Fishing Cooler

To choose which fishing cooler is the best, we must analyze our demands and constraints in terms of size and capacity, ice retention, and cost.

Size & Volume

These two qualities are interdependent. Coolers can range from 12-quart models for single-person, single-day use to 350-quart behemoths; therefore, the range must be restricted. Where will the cooler be used most frequently?

The size of the cooler will be decided by the response to this question. A massive offshore cooler might sink your kayak if you are an angler. If you’re fishing large lake trout for a family fish fry, you probably don’t need a little soft cooler designed to hold a few beverages and a sandwich.

  • Will you do most of your fishing on foot or from a boat?
  • If you are fishing on foot, will you need to haul your gear a substantial distance?
  • How much room do you have for the cooler on the watercraft?
  • The capacity of a cooler will be decided by its principal use(s).
  • How many people are at your fishing party? This pertains mostly to the beverage of food and beverages required for the journey. The cooler will be greater the larger the group. Alternately, do you require any coolers?
  • If you want to keep your catch, what size fish are you pursuing? Bluegills, crappie, and perch occupy less area than Mahi Mahi and other kinds of saltwater fish.
  • Are most excursions day trips or multi-day excursions? This leads to the next point.
Retaining of Ice

How long will the cooler maintain a suitable temperature without the addition of new ice? The best fishing coolers can keep ice for anywhere between three and seven days. Other, more affordable solutions may be suitable for one to three days.

  • Are most of your fishing excursions day trips?
  • How frequently do your fishing outings turn into multi-day excursions when fresh ice is unavailable?
  • Ice retention in a cooler is influenced by a variety of factors, including the quantity and quality of the ice as well as the climatic conditions outside. Be mindful that duration promises are frequently based on controlled testing circumstances and not actual scenarios. There is no industry standard for assessing ice retention at present.

For the best fishing coolers, the adage “You get what you pay for” rings true. This should not lead you to conclude that a cost-effective solution is ineffective. Frequently, pre-cooling or adding fresh ice is sufficient, eliminating the need for a more expensive cooler. On the other hand, fresh ice might be difficult to get if your fishing is frequently characterized by epic adventure.

I view equipment as an investment in adventure, whether for day excursions or once-in-a-lifetime bucket list activities. If I believe it will eliminate the need to replace the cooler due to durability concerns, I will pay the additional cost. All of the best fishing coolers I’ve ever had have been put through their paces and are still in good condition.

Best Small: Engel 25 High-Performance Hard Cooler and Ice Box

Why It Was Selected

Small fishing coolers are my workhorses for daily usage. The Engel 25 fits well in compact locations, such as a drift boat or the backseat of a vehicle for river adventures.

Key Attributes

  • Rotomolded for strength and sturdiness
  • Two inches of closed-cell foam for enhanced ice retention
  • Capacity: 18 12-ounce cans, with a 2:1 ratio of ice to cans
  • Exterior Dimensions: 20 ¾” x 14 ½” x 14″


  • Silicone gaskets create an almost airtight seal and do not deform.
  • Container IGBC-Certified for Bear Resistance
  • Fully integrated Anvil Hinge for maximum strength
  • More affordable than YETI


  • The numerical designation does not correspond to the available space (Engel 25 is 21 Quarts)

I possess more of these types of coolers than any other type. Like the majority of fishermen, the majority of my fishing consists of day trips. The Engel 25 is suitable for these excursions. It fits snugly along the gunwale of my drift boat and opens easily for access while floating in slower water. Depending on appetites, the space is adequate for holding meals and beverages for two to four people. There is still plenty of ice and cool beverages for the trip home at the end of the day.

When lifting the Engel 25, you will realize immediately that it is lighter than comparable competitors. The marine-grade latches and stainless steel hardware of the Engel Unity Latch System make it simple to open and close. In turn, these premium locks have contributed to the cooler’s overall longevity, even after years of usage.

Best Large: YETI Tundra 65

Why It Was Selected

This cooler is the best option for lengthy excursions.

Key Attributes

  • The Fatwall Design is capable of supporting up to three inches of polyurethane foam insulation
  • Rotomolded Buildings
  • Capacity: 42 cans of beverage with a 2:1 ratio of ice to cans
  • Seven or more days of ice retention


  • T-Rex Lid Hooks
  • Streamlined and incorporated into cooler frame LipGrip Handles
  • DoubleHaul Handles – sturdy and comfortable for transporting two people
  • AnchorPoint Tie-Down Slots offer simple boat or vehicle mounting choices
  • Vortex Drain – leak-proof and user-friendly


  • Price

This is my preferred cooler for extended fishing trips. It stores an incredible beverage of food and drink and keeps them cool for days. The Tundra 65 has the ability to contain both fish and ice to preserve your catch if you intend to bring fish back to shore. The dry goods basket is useful for carrying bait containers as well as cheese and butter blocks. In addition to its primary duty, this cooler can serve as an auxiliary table, chopping board, and seat for two. It just does everything.

However, due to the rotomolded construction, these coolers are not lightweight. You will love the two carrying alternatives that Yeti’s DoubleHaul handles give. The rope handholds are ideal for teamwork, while the deeply recessed handholds are ideal for solitary work. This one is so excellent that it also made our list of the best coolers for camping, the best ice chests, and the best coolers for hunting and fishing. You may also view our compilation of the best Yeti coolers for other possibilities.

Best on Wheels: YETI Tundra Haul Hard Cooler

Why It Was Selected

This cooler’s tank-like construction is exactly what is required for a fishing cooler on wheels. The wheels pull arm, and handles are capable of withstanding the rigors of any environment.

Key Attributes

  • NeverFlat wheels have a strong, one-piece tire design.
  • Robust metal arm that is permanently welded
  • Rotomolded architecture
  • 45 cans of beverage with a ratio of 2:1 ice to cans


  • The curved handle design allows heel-friendly towing on the left or right
  • Superior ice retention for 3 to 7 days
  • The welded aluminum arm enables you to pull firmly without worry.
  • The nonslip surface gives a valuable vantage point


  • Unsuitable for Yeti dry goods basket
  • Cost: this is an expenditure

I have never loved beach fishing, maybe because I am anxious to get a line in the sea. The Yeti Tundra Haul Hard Cooler has made the transition from hauling to casting easier and faster than any other cooler. This is by far the best-wheeled cooler I’ve ever encountered.

When I surf-fish the Outer Banks and barrier islands of southern North Carolina, I frequently embark on a long journey. This fishing cooler is the ideal centerpiece for a base camp. I’m not constrained by fragile wheels or a weak tow handle while transporting it to the location of my choosing. Once in situ, I am certain that the ice will outlive me, keeping cut bait, sandwiches, and drinks ice cold.

The capacity is remarkable, comfortably taking all I need for a full day of fishing with four people. I can keep everything necessary for the next day in the cooler overnight and replace the ice as necessary. When the final day of the vacation arrives, the Yeti is easily cleaned.

Best for Boats: Coleman 316 Series 100-Quart Marine Wheeled Cooler

Why It Was Selected

Since my infancy, Coleman coolers have accompanied me on fishing excursions. This 100-quart chest is affordably priced and will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Key Attributes

  • 100-quart capacity
  • Insulated cover and body
  • UV Finish
  • Hardware made of rust-resistant stainless steel


  • Large enough to accommodate significant catches of up to 160 beverage cans
  • Durable 6-inch wheels and a swing-up tow handle facilitate travel
  • Liner with antimicrobial and stain resistance
  • Built-in ruler on lid


  • Handle design might be sturdier
  • Wheels are not suitable for carrying over difficult terrain

Or, either go big or go home. This sums up what we enjoy most about the maritime environment: horizon-to-horizon azure ocean and the opportunity for large game and grand experiences. This Coleman 316 100-quart cooler is equal to the task. I can fit a limit of any fish I pursue, including lake trout, salmon, flounder, and weakfish, and still have room for a cool beverage and lunch.

It may be difficult to move a cooler of this size, so I like the 6-inch wheels that allow me to roll it from the parking lot to the dock and back again at the end of the day. Although I believe the tow handle should be strengthened somewhat, it has never failed and is capable of pulling the biggest weights. When the day is over, and it’s time to clean up, the stain-resistant lining makes the task simple and quick. The Coleman 316 Series coolers are straightforward workhorses that do the job without requiring a second mortgage.

Best for Kayaks: Wilderness Systems Insulated Catch Cooler for Kayaks

Why It Was Selected

This is the best kayak cooler I’ve discovered, with sufficient room for food, beverages, and fish.

Key Attributes

  • Fits the open storage compartment on the stern of the majority of kayaks.
  • Specific pockets that separate fish and food
  • The primary cooler container is coated with 420-denier nylon to withstand punctures
  • Half-inch foam insulation


  • TPU-coated ripstop nylon facilitates cleaning.
  • Multiple storage zones
  • Rubberized mesh outside storage section with fillet knife slot
  • Six D-ring tethering points
  • Detachable pack straps


  • Backpack shoulder straps might need a bit more padding
  • Ice retention is adequate but inferior to those of hard coolers

If I am fishing with the intention of feeding my family, I no longer need to choose between chilling my catch and my meal. This soft cooler made by Wilderness Systems allows me to do both. A huge main container contains the fish, while a separate, smaller section houses my food and beverages for the day. The retractable backpack straps are a convenient feature for hauling the cooler, allowing me to carry my rods and tackle bag without using my hands.

I appreciate the specialist nature of this kayak fishing cooler and the attention to detail. The placement of D-ring lash-down points at the bag’s four corners and in the middle of each side keeps it in place even in strong waves. One of the rubberized mesh exterior storage pockets is meant to store a sheathed fillet knife; this is a thoughtful addition that fishermen will enjoy at the end of the day. However, if this one doesn’t fit your demands, you may consult our list of the best kayak fishing coolers.

Final Reflections

Today’s best fishing coolers are well-designed and provide outstanding ice retention. Determine the best fishing cooler for you by evaluating where and how you will use it most frequently. If you are like me, no single cooler is optimal for all fishing excursions. Therefore, collect two to four distinct types that fulfill distinct purposes. Thus, you prevent duplication and account for all fishing circumstances. With such a cooler armament, your food, drinks, and fish will always remain cold.

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