Best 5 Weight Fly Reels

Usually, all other FLY FISHING RODS are checked for reels, but sometimes it is the worst. Think of the reels that hold your fishing line and the reels that you use to fight the bigger fish. Below I will look at what I consider to be the top 5 heavyweights on the market today.

Every manufacturer in the world believes that they make the best 5W coils. The fact is that most of these angling reels are great products and will serve you well.

So, how do you choose the best 5-weight wheels? The important factor is how much you are willing to spend. You can get 5 WT flywheels for less than $ 100 and flywheels for hundreds of dollars. All of them serve a specific purpose or meet the specific needs of fishermen.

Best 5 Weight Fly Reels
Best 5 Weight Fly Reels | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide (2022) 3

Best 5 Weight Fly Reels

Sage Spectrum C 5 Wt Fly Reel

If you are not familiar with Sage, here is your logo to browse from their website. I have reviewed many Sage products here with Anchor Fly, which demonstrates their commitment to quality but still works seamlessly and at an affordable price.

The Spectrum C flywheel demonstrates Sage’s attention to detail. The powder-coated cast aluminum structure makes these wheels lightweight but still has a large ventilated bowl. The closed carbon towing system is equipped with a special “One Revolution” slider bar with fixed calibration.

It is easy to read, easier to install, and has an impressive set of features. This wrap is a great job and comes at a great price. Sage broke through with Spectrum C.

Redington Behemoth

For the price, the Redington Behemoth is hard to beat. In my opinion, the top 5 roles are heavy for the money. If you want excellent equipment but do not want a high price, this is for you.

It has the strongest durability in its class and has a molded structure, which can be a disadvantage, but if you look at the intricate design, you will know why it needs to be taken apart.

But this pulley is strong, durable, and sturdy as the name suggests. You can choose the 4/5 or 5/6 version, depending on your preference.

I love Redington Behemoth and have even done a practical review of Redington Behemoth here. Be sure to watch them if you are interested in getting your hands on one of these amazing roles.

Galvan Brookie Reel 5 Wt Fly Reel

Galvan has successfully created simple small water rolls that are aesthetically pleasing and very lightweight. This pulley is one of the lightest in its class and is made from high-quality 6061 aluminum rods.

It also has a Galvanized Click Ball tensioning system, which allows you to adjust the slide and remove all moving parts of a traditional slide.

A blue dream, this reel is designed for alpine trout and other local freshwater fish that rarely require extensive trolling.

Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson is a cheap flywheel that can beat most people. However, given the quality of these rolls, you are guaranteed to use them intensively for years without problems.

It comes with a large arch that has a die-cast aluminum frame which ensures the longevity of the rolls. The flying reels, made in the USA by Water-Works, have exceptional quality and design.

It has the best endurance compared to other roles in this test. The smooth gliding system makes this reel ideal for sand and cold water fishing. Even if you’re looking for a lightweight dump truck, a smooth ride is useful. In addition, the smooth sliding system prevents the fish from breaking.

This pulley has a lightweight design, sturdy construction, and a strong feel. You will have a wonderful fishing experience because the reels do not bend, do not move, or lose. While it has a bit of overcapacity, even for a 7-watt cone bass, it has a high draw rate. So you don’t have to wrap up too much.

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

The Piscifun Sword is a well-made fly reel, especially at its price. While it may not be tightly anodized or the cork won’t slip, the coating makes it quite durable. Furthermore, the sliding system is fluid as soon as it is taken out of the box.

The pulley has an adjustable sliding hook but has a loose thread, so it’s quick and easy to go from light to heavy. However, the large knobs allow you to reduce drag, while the large reels make turning easier, especially when handling larger fish.

The flywheels have a high purity aluminum alloy construction with a finely polished finish to make the flywheels stronger than cast rollers of the same quality. In addition, the aluminum alloy is designed for greater impact resistance, while the flywheel is relatively light compared to traditional flywheels thanks to the hollow CNC design.

With this pulley, you get fast shots thanks to the reduced storage space thanks to the central arch design. If you want to catch a fast-moving fish or catch fish from time to time, this fly reel will do a decent job.

Ross Animas 5 Wt Fly Reel

With Animas, Ross creates a role that not only makes an aesthetic statement but also reduces weight and is very lightweight.

This 5wt pulley is similar to a Swiss watch, designed specifically for its very light but very functional details and overall weight. The Colorado Mountains are the aesthetic focal point of this role and are very intriguing.

The bell-shaped pavilion is still great for catching fish quickly and features a well-designed oblique assembly, so this 5-weight muscle reel can handle larger fish and maintain a lightweight. If you are looking for something special, Animas is a wonderful combination of function and look.

Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag Fly Fishing Reel

Battenkill Disc Drag is a heavy-duty fishing reel designed and manufactured by Orvis. The 5-weight pulley is strong and features technological advances over other-generation Battenkill rollers. Disc traction provides the fine display and performance needed for strong reel strength.

It offers the coverage and portability of traditional Battenkills and features a gazebo center design that is now a best -selling. In addition, in the center is a sealed Hydros SL resistance system.

It has six carbon and stainless steel sliding surfaces that fit well. With one customizable positive click, you can be sure you are on a fishing trip no matter what fishing trip you take.

Utilizing all aircraft construction materials, the reel is lightweight but strong enough to allow fast pull speeds without hindrance. Ergonomic handling allows for efficient reel handling while fishing.

Maxcatch Tail 5 Wt Fly Reel

Maxcatch is a South Korean flying fishing rod and its products are spread across Amazon and other market sites with many reviews. 5wt Tail Reel is a standard flywheel for starting points, but do not let the low price appeal to you – that’s fine.

There are so many Maxcatch product reviews online that it’s easy to see that this product is ideal for beginners as middle-class anglers use it to support guided tours, sea excursions, and more.

The pulley is waterproof, the handle is sturdy and it is pre-loaded! At this price, I do not know what another FLY FISHING RODS needs.

Angler Dream 5 Weight

Angler Dream 5 Weight is a great reel for those who want to start fishing with 5 weights and do not want to spend a lot of money on installation. Angler Dream makes amazing flying bikes and I think this is their best offering in the 5-weight series.

This way you can get rid of all the flies you need to catch trout and put them in your net. It runs smoothly, has a good sound, and has a good sliding disc system.

Redington ZERO Fly Reel

The Redington ZERO is one of the lightest and best versions available in its class. The dilapidated construction makes it very easy to win the machine game.

It features a new, unique and elegant click-shift system that integrates the scroll view. Normal-tension is best if the rope is lifted even if it slips.

The chuck has a simple design, which makes it reliable, easy to use, and maintain. Not only is the frame design beautiful, but it also looks great on a colorful and fun background. While the items are affordable, the ZERO rolls are great!

How to Choose The Right 5wt Reel

For coils, it’s best, to be honest with yourself about their intended use to determine what’s best for you. Many of the fishermen I work with only hunt locals in the creek, which means there is no need for trolls and it is not wise to overpay for an unusual closed spinning system.

I’m not just a mountain fisherman and love going to big waters where large fish can be caught, so I wanted a slightly better glider system so I could handle the big jaw collector or even the occasional chain collector as well. . .

The right role for you depends on what you are using. Remember to find the maximum resistance of the role you are interested in and be realistic in comparing the chosen role and the chosen wand to get the most out of it.


There are 5 good heavy bikes out there. We hope that by reading this review you have already thought about how to create the 5lb weight that best suits your needs.

The 5 weights you choose in this review are the best you will do. Today’s clear winner is the Redington BEHEMOTH flywheel. This is because it has extra weight for easy loading, quick gel, and a large baking, and also affordable, which makes it affordable for many FISHING PADDLE BOARDS.

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