7 Weight Fly Rods
A Little Salt, A Little Salmon

This versatility is what makes 7wt fly rods so desirable to possess. In freshwater, a 7wt can handle the majority of bass, brown trout, pike, and muskie.

7wt rods are also often used for lighter saltwater situations, especially in 9′ and 10′ lengths.

These rods have enough strength and finesse to be utilized for salmon and steelhead fishing while staying light enough to be used all day with minimal arm fatigue.

This style of the rod can be used well in all of these settings, making it a requirement, particularly if you seek various species in different types of water.

In this review, I take a deep dive into the top 7wt options from a number of reputable brands so that you may decide which rod would be perfect for you and confidently add this helpful rod to your arsenal.

Let’s get started!

Best 7 Weight Fly Rods (Overall)

These four rods are the finest seven-weight rods available. They are adept at everything, from bass stalking to salmon swinging and everything in between.

1. Hardy Zane 7wt Fly Rod

Detailed Particulars:

  • 7wt 9’ Models Available, 4-Piece
  • 3.7 oz Weight
  • Sintrix Carbon/Fibre Matrix Blank
  • Guides Coated with Ceramic
  • Select Hardwood and Carbon Triaxial Spacers
  • Rapid Reaction

Hardy should require no introduction to the discriminating fly fisherman. Hardy, which has been in business for around 150 years and is based in Alnwick, England, is well-versed in fly fishing and has elevated rod-making to a level between art and brilliant modern engineering.

It was amazing to hear positive reviews about this rod from folks who had undergone shoulder surgery and other similar treatments. The blank is made from a proprietary material called Sintrix.

Hardy is well familiar with blank materials, and this rod retains all of its 7wt strength despite its small overall weight. This rod’s extremely quick action helps it to maintain pinpoint accuracy at great distances and in strong gusts.

All components of this rod are resistant to saltwater and severe environments. The ceramic-lined guides eliminate line friction for ultra-smooth, rapid casting. Aesthetically, the rod is a work of art, as the carbon fiber and resin create a magnificent look. Hardy understands rods and fly fishing, which is evident in this rod.


  • Extremely lightweight and strong, ideal for catching large fish in saltwater or freshwater.
  • Multiple various lengths available
  • Accurate at astonishing distances


  • This rod’s action is so quick that inexperienced anglers will likely find it difficult to use.
  • Hardy rods are pricey, but you get what you pay for, and the Zane is a more cost-effective alternative than some of their higher-end models.

2. Thomas & Thomas Zone 7wt Fly Rod

Detailed Particulars:

  • 7wt 4-Piece 9′ and 10′ Fly Rod
  • Stripping Guides for Titanium Frames with Zirconium Inserts
  • Hardware in Clear Anodized Aluminum
  • Finish Natural Carbon
  • Rapid Reaction
  • Rod Tube and Solid Assurance

Thomas & Thomas’ Zone series of rods include a powerful and accurate 7wt (the other line weights are also effective). This rod may be the one for you if you’re seeking a larger rod with muscle that is equally suited for largemouth bass and redfish.

It is available in 9′ and 10′ lengths, and Thomas & Thomas employs a combination of titanium, aluminum, and clear resin to create an incredibly sturdy rod and is suitable for everyday usage straight away.

This is an excellent option for anglers of all ability levels, as it has received rave reviews and is far less expensive than many of T & T’s other rods.


  • Less expensive – presently $495 – without losing quality
  • Robust and practical, made for heavy usage
  • More conventional rapid action, though not as quick as the Hardy rod; user-friendly


  • Aside from a few manufacturing flaws, it was tough to locate unfavorable characteristics of this rod (chipped blanks out of the box). T&T takes customer service seriously and is exceptional at resolving these issues.

3. Sage Pulse 7wt Fly Rod

Detailed Particulars:

  • 7wt 4-Piece 9′ and 10′ Fly Rod
  • Blank Graphite IIIe
  • Fuji Ceramic Stripper Guide
  • Lichen-hued Blank with Olive Wrapped Thread and Black Trim
  • Chromium Viper Guides
  • Rapid Reaction
  • Reel Seat Uplocking
  • Nylon Rod Tube with Divided Liner, Black

Sage’s dedication to quality and performance has cultivated a devoted fan following, and for a good reason: each of their products is reasonably priced and incredibly effective.

They market this rod as a workhorse, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. Sage’s Pulse series, available in both 9′ and 10′ lengths, is effective in wind and rain, saltwater and freshwater, and for larger predatory fish.

Its adaptability and price are its primary selling features, and the longer version of this rod has a butt portion that makes it strong enough to catch the largest muskie and the largest reds in the flats. If you are unfamiliar with Sage, this rod might convert you into a devoted follower like the others.


  • The current price of $475 makes this rod affordable for novice anglers.
  • Extremely durable and skillfully crafted
  • Aesthetically beautiful while maintaining its reputation as a workhorse


  • Sage’s reputation is predicated on its ability to listen to its client’s demands, which they do so well that it is difficult to uncover negative information about its products.

4. Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom II 7wt Fly Rod

Detailed Particulars:

  • Seven-weight, nine-foot, four-piece fly rod
  • 3.4 Oz Weight
  • Moderate/Quick Action
  • AAA Grade Cork Handle
  • TFO Warranty

I am aware with Temple Fork Outfitters since they produce reasonable products for fly fishermen on a budget (I am and always will be a fly fisherman on a budget). Since a delighted customer, I was pleased that a TFO product made it into the first section of my review, as I can vouch for the quality of their rods.

The Axiom II (A2) is a powerful rod with a parabolic bend that translates straight into the butt section, making it easier to control larger fish.

At 3.4 ounces, this rod is still light enough for a weekend of casting, and many local salmon anglers in my region pick it for their trip to Lake Erie. Highly suggested!


  • Currently priced at $335 and equipped with everything you need for a streamer or multi-species rod
  • Light yet potent
  • TFO Assurance


  • TFO contains a greater number of manufacturing defects than the aforementioned products. Before entering the water, thoroughly examine and test your fishing rod in the yard to avoid tragedy.
  • The TFO warranty, while solid, is occasionally criticized online due to long delays between emails, etc., but I have found the TFO personnel to be simple to work with.

Most Affordable 7wt Fly Rod | Reviews

Depending on a number of criteria, the cost of fly rods varies greatly. The following three rods are recommended at the lower end of the price range without losing quality.

5. Echo Ion XL 7wt Fly Rod

Detailed Particulars:

  • 7wt 4-Piece 9′ and 10′ Fly Rod
  • Exaggerated Stripping Manual
  • Two Handle Alternatives (Fighting Butt or Half Well)
  • Medium/Quick–Quick Action
  • Anodized Black Reel Seat
  • Covered Fabric Rod Case and Sock
  • Warranty

Echo markets the Ion XL is a versatile workhorse rod ideal for both saltwater and freshwater situations. This rod’s reviews are packed with praise from anglers that seek a variety of prey (pike, muskie, bass, and permit, just to name a few).

When a rod can be utilized effectively in all of these scenarios, it is typically indicative of high-quality building components and sound engineering. The price is reasonable, the people adore it, and it is ideal for novice streamer-throwers.


  • Current price is $199
  • User-friendly, lightweight, and packed with muscle
  • Versatile and effective in all fishing conditions


  • Carefully review the warranty since many customers have found the service and what is covered to be inadequate.

6. Fenwick AETOS 7wt Fly Rod

Detailed Particulars:

  • Seven-weight, nine-foot, four-piece fly rod
  • Nano Composite Blank
  • Two-toned anodized aluminum reel seat with carbon-fiber spacers
  • Blank Black Satin Finish
  • Rapid Reaction
  • AAA Grade Cork Handle

Fenwick is a well-known brand in fly fishing, and their AETOS 7wt combines innovative contemporary materials with power and accuracy to create a terrific all-around rod.

The nanocomposite blank permits more power at a reduced weight while retaining sufficient accuracy to place streamers precisely where they need to be to elicit large hits.

AAA cork handles are aesthetically pleasing, but this line of Fenwick rods lets you choose the handle you like, whether it is half wells, full wells, or a fighting butt for even longer throws.


  • Current price of $235, traditional Fenwick quality, and meticulous craftsmanship
  • The option to change and match handles enables a more user-friendly fishing rod that is tailored to the type of fishing you like.


  • The decision by Fenwick to manufacture these rods abroad has angered a number of anglers, but such is the way of the world, and I do not believe that this is a sufficient cause to reject this fantastic, cheap rod.

7. Moonlit Lunar S Glass 7wt Fly Rod

Detailed Particulars:

  • 4-Piece 7wt 8’6″ Fly Rod
  • Anti-Dampening Tip
  • Progressive Tapering with Reservable Force
  • Moderately Rapid Action
  • Combat Butt
  • Permanent Warranty

This is an intriguing rod from a company I was not aware of prior to writing this review. This US-based company uses S-Glass, a composite material that seeks to replicate the appearance and feel of traditional glass rods without the weight and with a somewhat more responsive action.

This was excellent news for me, as I regularly purchase “vintage” rods from auctions when the price is reasonable. This rod has received rave reviews from older fisherman who miss the old glass rods, as well as younger men my age and younger who enjoy the motion as much as the price. This fishing rod aroused my curiosity, so take a look at it.


  • Currently under $200
  • Effective and able to get the job done
  • Outstanding company that takes its products as seriously as you do


  • The moderate action of these rods will take some getting used to, particularly if you’re accustomed to the normal quick action of 7-weight rods, but it’s well worth the effort.

Applications For A 7-Wt Fly Rod

Many of the rods in this review have been branded as “workhorses” by their various manufacturers, and I believe this is the ideal way to see a 7wt rod. They are adaptable and may be used well in a range of water conditions and for a long list of fish.

From ponds to large rivers and flats, these rods are applicable in every category. Additionally, 7wt rods let anglers mix up their fly choices and excel at casting heavy, less aerodynamic patterns.

Due to the strength of these rods, streamers in the Galloup style, massively weighted jigs, and thick flesh flies may all be cast with relative ease. They also enable for a more robust and less nerve-wracking battle with a particularly aggressive fish you’re pursuing, and the fish will tire faster from bending these meatier rods.

What Should You Look for in a 7-weight Fly Rod?

Consider the blank’s material before purchasing a 7-weight rod. In the last forty years, such rods were cumbersome and difficult to swing all weekend long.

The availability of novel composite materials and improved and more accurate engineering has made them incredibly light for their length. The handle is another place in which you should be particular.

A fighting butt-section will help you to get two hands on the rod more quickly and more successfully corral a spirited fish out of the weeds, away from undercuts, and far from trash.

Length should also be considered since longer rods provide greater force and distance but are a headache when you’re deep in the woods and must maneuver them over twigs and vines.

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