10 Reasons Fly Fishing Is Easier Than You Think

Fly fishing is defined as a style of fishing that uses artificial “flies” to pull and catch fish. This may seem embarrassing, but now is the time to dispel your fears. This popular entertainment sport is not as complicated as you might think, although the throwing technique is different than usual. Here are 10 reasons why fly fishing is easier than you may have heard or said:

10 Reasons Fly Fishing Is Easier Than You Think 3

You Can Learn To Read The Water

eagle River Reading water where you stand or are near is not complicated. For example, the bubble indicates that trout, one of the major fish species caught by fly fishermen, are eating. Rocks, fallen trees, and the edge of your water source grass are common places for fish because they help protect fish from predators. Drowning or deeper water is also a popular place, as are layers or areas where strong currents slowly meet.

The Gear Is More Affordable Than You Think

You can spend a lot of money on sticks and reels, but you also get an entry-level setup for a low price (about $ 200). In addition, you may have plenty of other equipment needed for a successful day on the river – like a raincoat, day bag, cooler, and water bottle. The importance of this last piece of equipment cannot be overstated, said Granillo. “I’ve never fished without a Hydro Flask Trail bottle, it weighs less than other water bottles but there’s still insulation to keep your water cool.

For Getting Back To Nature

Today I saw a sticker on the bumper. He said, “The mountains are screaming and I have to go.”

I have clients who often ask me what I’ve been wishing for lately. Every time he doesn’t, he says, “You know … you only have a few days on the ball playing this!”

Without a doubt, we were created to enjoy nature’s creations more than usual. Our living space has become an office, car, email, meetings, computer, and telephone. And while we value such a life and feel blessed, an environment like this will not comfort our souls as much as spending time in nature.

As a fly fisherman, I find myself in some of the most amazing natural environments imaginable. From pristine alpine lakes to lush meadows; from prehistoric forests to majestic river valleys and more when I ever left with a stick in my hand and wanted to be in the office.

Casting is Easier Than You Expect

Mastering the game is an easy process because time is one of the most important elements. It is also important to keep the wrists tight for proper disposal. Working with a local fly fishing expert is the perfect way to learn how to cast properly and the experience, smart and friendly team at Fly Fishing Outfitters is one of your best choices. Each of our guides will show you how to spend it in a short amount of time. For best results, use a line that is about 35 to 40 feet long. Longer spending lines require more time to learn and are usually unnecessary.

Fish Are Plentiful

The image of a fisherman sitting in a boat in the middle of the lake for several hours is not suitable for fishing. Once you know where the fish feed and where else they congregate, you should probably have no problem catching them. Trout, bass, and other fly catches abound in the Colorado River, so you can get a good “catch of the day” when you first go out.

For The Exercise

I don’t think fishing and sport often find their place in the same sentence. In the minds of many, fishing creates images of people relaxing in a quiet lake or a lazy river with fishing rods and worms. Depending on the type of fly fishing, it can be just as inactive, but most fly fishing takes a lot of practice, which is great.

Strangely enough about how many calories I burn on a typical day fishing in one of my favorite mountain rivers, I often let the “Open Target” workout app run on my Apple Watch for the day, stopping only while you driving (or surfing). run or next stop for lunch. Given all the difficulties I have had walking, climbing, bending over, cuddling, reaching, walking, and running, it’s no surprise that calorie consumption is typically over 2000. I hit the pillow, completely exhausted.

You don’t need a perfect cast

A well-cast fly is a beautiful thing, but you don’t have to worry about the perfect cast when you first start fishing. “There are so many different ways to throw a ball, right?” The same is true of casting, “Granillo said.” Don’t worry about being perfect. When I first went fishing, I fished and I was in very bad shape. No one had a perfect pitch at the start. ”

For spiritual refreshments

Whenever I fly, I am not surrounded by pauses, deep breaths, and a fleeting glance as I see the wonder that inspires God’s work.

I can be intrigued by the beauty of the river that flows continuously and strongly between its colored banks. Perhaps it is the sheer complexity and precision of the myriad of interconnected and interdependent ecosystems that surprises me. Sometimes the power and majesty I see in the rocks, the peaks, the clouds, the sun, and the sky surround me.

And as if that’s not enough to distract my soul, I’m not surprised at the intricate physical compositions and decorative designs I see in simple trout – a rainbow, chocolate, a river, a boat – or any other. He could one day take his place.

To emphasize this, I have rarely felt as close to my Creator as possible, the energy within, spiritually refreshed and felt as I move on my knees in a mountain stream, holding my hands and throwing flies.

For some people, it may be considered blasphemous to marry something as worldly as fishing to face one another with God.

Fishing for food:

Wild fish is low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein. The American Heart Association recommends a regular fish-based diet. It’s much harder to catch that fresh fish plate than to walk non-stop down the supermarket aisle when you decide to save your catch.

Speaking of creators … I think the joy of the challenge is encoded at the very core of whether we are human beings. In other words, humans are designed to seek, accept, and work through things that will expand our capacity and prove to ourselves, above all, that we are ready.

It is therefore logical that I also believe that avoiding challenges, while all too common in our legal culture, is one of the key factors preventing us from achieving great goals.

I heard you. The idea of ​​fishing may not reach another level of challenge that we may be trying to pursue: becoming a doctor, starting a mission, writing a book, joining the Marines, or responding to the call of the Sea to pursue high goals. But when you are trying something new and difficult, the first step is usually the hardest part.

I can assure you that being a good fly fisherman will not be easy. Like any new and unknown adventure, it can feel like a scary hill to climb. There is so much to learn and learn to do, not much comes naturally to you. However, I can assure you that you are happy if you play the sport with the level of commitment given to doing useful things, and if you do not give up without immediate success, you will be glad that you did. worthwhile challenge.

For The Fun Of It

Despite the high podium, which we often blame, fishing is just fun. Planning is fun. It’s nice to look forward to. This is fun to do. It’s fun to work with. It’s fun to remember. And it’s even fun to write. I can think of some other things in life that are nice!

So, given these and all the other good reasons we suggested above, what’s stopping you from fishing? How many days are left for fishing on the planet? If you start fishing tomorrow, certainly one less.

Practice WILL Make Perfect (or close to it)

As with most things, as long as you practice your fishing technique diligently, you shouldn’t have any problems. That’s the most important thing when learning to fly – practice! This is not to say that fly fishing is very difficult; it just takes dedication. If you are fully aware of this, you are well on your way to becoming a successful angler.

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