Lamson Liquid Fly Reel

Those are desirable characteristics for a fly fishing reel. The finest characteristic of entry-level fly fishing equipment is typically described as something along the lines of “it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.”

But how often can a fly fishing reel provide durable and delightful performance and do it at an exceptional price? The Lamson Liquid is an ideal illustration of this accomplishment.

Let’s plunge in!

Overview Of The Lamson Liquid

In this review, I will discuss the features that distinguish the Lamson Liquid from other fly reels in a similar price range. We’ll examine the features of the Lamson Liquid, and I’ll explain why I consider it to be one of the finest deals in fly fishing.

The Lamson Liquid is one of the best fly reels for beginners. It is loaded with features that do not come at the sacrifice of extra weight, over-engineering, or an inflated price.

It is available in four sizes to accommodate fly rods ranging from 3 to 10 weights. The Lamson Liquid is worth between $109.00 and $155.00. It pairs well with any freshwater fly rod, from small water dry fly rods to large-game streamer rods.

The Lamson Liquid, manufactured by Waterworks-Lamson in Boise, Idaho, is a dependable fishing reel.

Lamson Liquid | Specifications/Features

The Lamson Liquid is a big arbor, die-cast fly reel. This reel conceals a greater quantity of specs than initially meets the eye.

The Lamson Liquid is produced by Waterworks-Lamson using a molten pressure-cast aluminum that is poured into a mold. It is then sprayed with a polyurethane coating that gives further durability.

The drag mechanism of the Lamson Liquid (more on this later!) is sealed, preventing dirt, debris, and the like from corroding the reel’s inner workings.

Before the Liquid is constructed at Waterwork-facility, Lamson’s half of the Liquid’s components are made in the United States, and the other half are manufactured elsewhere.

Waterwork-Lamson offers a lifetime warranty on their reels. They are so confident in the quality and performance of their products that they do not demand registration for their guarantee. Send them an email if you experience any problems with your Lamson Liquid (or any of their reels), and they will handle it for you. This is exceptional customer service.

The Lamson Liquid is a fly fishing reel with a big arbor. This allows for a faster retrieve rate while reeling in a fish and is also easier on lines and leads since they do not coil up because they are coiled less tightly.

Fluid simplicity is one of Waterwork-main Lamson’s ideas as a corporation. This is made manifest through the Liquid’s lightweight but sturdy feel. When it comes to many fly reels, especially those priced below $150, any compromises made to reduce weight sometimes come at the expense of durability. The Lamson Liquid spares no expense in this respect.

Lamson Liquid | Sizes & Models

The lightweight characteristic of Lamson Liquid remains consistent throughout all four variants. The ideal reel for your fishing needs. These models’ specs are as follows:

Lamson Liquid is available in several sizes.

Lamson Liquid 1.5

  • 3/4 WT rods
  • 3.34 in. diameter
  • 4.29 ounces

Lamson Liquid 2

  • 5/6 WT rods
  • 3.61 in. diameter
  • 4.54 ounces

Lamson Liquid 3.5

  • 7/8 WT rods
  • 3.85 in. diameter
  • 5.49 ounces

Lamson Liquid 4

  • 9/10 WT rods
  • 4.65 in. diameter
  • 7.07 ounces

The “feels fantastic with a fish on” trial is the first and possibly most crucial test at which the Lamson Liquid succeeds. This is mostly attributable to the Lamson Liquid’s drag mechanism.

Two Varieties of Drag

Click-and-pawl drags, and disc drags are the two types of drag mechanisms frequently used on fly reels. The Lamson Liquid defies convention by employing a compact conical drag mechanism.

This conical drag mechanism begins immediately; there is no delay when the drag engages as fish make a frantic rush downstream. Lamson employs the same creative conical drag on their high-end reels, which are priced at $500 or more.

Lamson Liquid 3 Pack

The Lamson Liquid 3 Pack is also a fantastic offer since it contains a reel, two extra spools, and a carrying bag for $179.99. This would let you get a Liquid for your most versatile rod and pair lines with spools for rapid line changes.

A floating line, a nymph-specific line, and a sink tip, all in one carrying case? In essence, you get three reels for the price of one.

Review of Lamson Liquid | On the Water

Using one of my 9′ 5 WT rods, I cast the Lamson Liquid 2 in pursuit of brown trout-taking nymphs and streamers.

Typically, I’m not one to get really enthused about a reel. In my opinion, it lies between serving a function and accomplishing a task. This is perhaps an extremely basic viewpoint; I’m certain that anglers who target pike or musky place a far higher value on their reels than I do.

However, fishing with the Lamson Liquid opened my eyes to how enjoyable and thrilling the correct fly reel can be.

I quickly felt the drag system in action, and it’s a blast! A reel with a quick-acting, smooth drag, such as the Lamson Liquid, is comparable to having automobile seat warmers. It’s one of those things you didn’t realize you lacked until you first experienced it. At this point, there will be no turning back.

Another pleasure of fishing with the Lamson Liquid is how nicely it balances its fish-stopping power and tippet protection. On a 6X tippet, I was able to stop fish with the drag and battle them to the net.

The Lamson Liquid effortlessly picks up the line. It features an ergonomic grip and is well-balanced on my rod. Again, the lightweight nature of the Lamson Liquid allowed it to fit well on my trusted 5 WT. It had no effect whatsoever on my cast, which is all you can expect when using a new reel on a known rod.

Overall, the Lamson Liquid was enjoyable and natural. I relished touching it with the pad of my hand as it whirled during the trout’s violent downstream rushes.

I found myself placing fish on the reel that I would typically play by hand simply to enjoy the performance of the Liquid.

The quality of the polyurethane finish is a minor flaw with Lamson Liquid that deserves mention. The Liquid is not tremendously thick; thus, nicks, dents, and scratches will be visible.

Ultimately, this is one of the drawbacks of purchasing a reel at this price range, and given the performance you receive from the Lamson Liquid, I believe this tiny compromise is well worth it.


I’ve heard nothing but praise about Waterworks-Lamson and their goods. I anticipated putting the Lamson Liquid fly reel to the test to determine whether or not the reel’s reputation was justified.

It did not take me more than a single fish to determine it. The drag felt amazing; it lured fish to the net and halted large trout in their tracks. I had no difficulty casting with increased weight.

The Lamson Liquid fits well on my rod, and I can tell it is a strong, high-quality product. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this base reel on any of my rods.

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