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Everything in our list of the greatest fly fishing gifts has been carefully vetted and picked for functionality. These are the kinds of gifts that will make the recipient’s heart beat faster. Good work you! Fly fishing equipment is costly. We believed it was crucial to retain a wide variety of gift options to accommodate a variety of budgets. Whether you are seeking to spend $20 or $2,000, we are certain that you will discover the perfect gift(s) for the fly fisher in your life.

Fly Fishing Presents Are… Unique!

My Patagonia sling pack was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. This was a completely unanticipated gift from my wife that I would not have selected for myself. I am still appreciative of this gift and utilize it for the majority of my fishing excursions. We consider these gifts to be special because:

The Top 30 Fly Fishing Gifts For 2022

1. Rio Fly Fishing Tippet Head gate equipped with 2X6X-PowerfleX-Tip

The Rio Tippet gate (with RIO tippet) is a perfect gift for the fly angler in your life. This product includes five spools of Rio Powerflex, making it an excellent value. It contains:

  • 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X spools of Rio powerflex tippet.
  • Tipppet holder

Note: Mono is excellent for dry fly fishing, although many anglers prefer nymphing. You may like to purchase a few extra spools of fluorocarbon for nymphing. I recommend purchasing one reel of 5x Trout Hunter and one reel of 6x Trout Hunter. Trout Hunter is what we use; it is a bit more expensive, but each spool comes with more material, AND it is a high-quality tippet.

Rio Head Gate Informations

The tippet holder is quite convenient, as the angler may attach it to their vest or pack to conserve space. Additionally, a tippet holder facilitates the accessibility of the tippet on the water. The holder is manufactured by Fishpond, whose goods are of the highest quality. It includes a unique rotational razorblade line cutter that makes the cutting tippet extremely simple.

It would be more expensive to purchase each tippet spool and holder individually.

2. FishPond Encampment Lumbar Pack

The camping pack from Fishpond is comfortable and adaptable. The pack is attached to your waist and may be worn on your back or front. It can fit a couple of fly boxes and other small gear. The Fishpond Encampment is made from water-resistant fabric and zippers and has several compartments and cord loops for connecting additional gear.

The pack contains a net pocket in the back of the lumbar region, which is a huge plus!

3. Loon Outdoors Combo Pack – Floating and Deodorizing with a Large Loon Caddy

This floatable caddy is such an adorable gift! AND the fact that it is now selling for less than $25 is a plus. Like the tippet gate, this caddy serves dual purposes.

  1. Conserve pack/vest space
  2. Quick and simple access while on the water

This Loon-made caddy includes two bottles of floatant. The first method for drying wet flies is the top ride dry shake method. The second item is an Aquagel bottle. Putting this on your fly prior to fishing can help keep it waterproof for a longer amount of time and provide a little sparkle to attract fish.

4. Dr. Slick Lanyard

This lightweight lanyard is perfect for fishing trips to tiny creeks or when you don’t want to carry a lot of equipment.

It has two retractable cables, a floatant caddy, a tiny fly box, and several more hooks for your equipment. It is comprised of an elastic cord that may be adjusted.

5. Redington ZERO Fly Reel

Redington has produced an excellent reel at a reasonable price. This is one of the best reels available for less than $100 and made our list of the top gifts. The Zero reel is a big arbor reel with lightweight construction and a click drag mechanism.

This reel is available in a range of sizes based on the rod and line weight, as well as four distinct colors.

6. Fly Fishing Net and Magnetic Release from Freestone Outfitters

Nets are crucial for fishing, and a high-quality net may facilitate the capture of large fish. This net frame by Freestone is constructed from premium oak and carbon fibers. The mesh is composed of transparent rubber, which is safer for trout than nylon nets.

The net also has a magnetic release and carabiner, allowing for a secure attachment to a vest or pack.

 7. The Bug Book: A Guide to Trout Stream Insects for Fly Fishers

The Bug Book is an indispensable resource for fly fishermen. This book describes the insects and other foods consumed by trout. The Bug Book contains valuable information on the life cycles and activities of the county’s most prevalent insects.

After reading this book, both my understanding of aquatic insects and my fly-fishing skills dramatically increased. It avoids etymological jargon in favor of straightforward explanations and illustrations.

8. Floating Fly Fishing Line Holder

This is a very unusual gift for fly anglers, as it is not commonly found in fly stores. Two rubber grommets secure the leader or fly line to the line holder, which connects effortlessly to the base of the rod using gripping bands. This product makes changing flies quicker and simpler since the angler no longer has to worry about their heavy fly line going through the eye holes and pulling the leader along with it.

9. Ventures Fly Co. | 122 Premium Hand Tied Fly Fishing Flies

An array of flies that all fishermen use cannot go wrong. The premium flies offered by Venture Fly Co. feature 48 designs chosen by guides in various sizes. The flies are chosen for their adaptability and fish-catching potential.

The flies are of superior quality, and 122 of them would cost at least four times as much in a local fly store.

10. Rheos Eddies Sport Style Floating Polarized Sunglasses

Rheos sunglasses are elegant and fashionable. They belong in the pack of any fly fisherman. Polarized lenses significantly reduce the glare of the sun on the river. They also float, eliminating those dreadful instances in which your sunglasses fall into a river and sink to the bottom. These sunglasses are strong and lightweight. Additionally, Rheos gives a portion of the earnings from each sale to safeguard coasts and waterways.

FYI If you are interested, we have published a comprehensive resource on sunglasses for fly fishing since the publication of this post.

What NOT To Present

When choosing a gift for a fly angler, it is important to bear in mind the species of fish they typically pursue. When fishing for different types of fish, the required equipment will vary significantly. We have collected a list of practical gifts that any fly fisherman will appreciate, although most of the gifts are aimed toward trout fishermen. Examples of gifts NOT to offer include those requiring knowledge: Sinking fly line. There are settings such as line weight, full sink, and sink tip that you will not understand unless you are a fly fisherman. Fly rods There are so many different designs and sizes of fly rods that purchasing one might be difficult. Depending on the sort of fishing, you will require a particular type and weight of tackle. It is ideal for letting the angler acquire these items independently. Avoid buying luxury products in general. If someone is preparing to purchase a new rod, high-end reel, or even boots or waders that cost more than $300, it is probable that they will keep it for a long time and want to pick it themselves.

11. TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Leader 9 feet, Three Pack

Trout hunter manufactures some of the finest leaders and tippets on the market today. This page contains a three-pack of 9-foot leads in sizes 0X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X. The leads are composed of clear fluorocarbon, which is ideal for extremely clear water and intelligent trout.

The light-refracting characteristics of fluorocarbon nearly resemble those of water, resulting in an almost invisible leader. Additionally, fluorocarbon is more resistant to abrasion, allowing your leader to last longer.

12. Smith Creek Rod Clip, Wearable Fishing Rod Holder

The rod clip manufactured by Smith Creek is a very basic yet useful piece of equipment. This is a one-of-a-kind product that the fly angler in your life likely does not possess. The rod clip is constructed of durable metal and attaches to your pack or waders through a retractable zinger.

This rod clip comes in really helpful when you need both hands to tie flies or photograph your fish.

13. Orvis Non-Toxic Oval Split Shot

When wet fly fishing, every fly angler needs weight, and Orvis offers a terrific product. These nontoxic split shots are produced from tin, which is a positive step toward eliminating harmful metals such as lead. Additionally, they are reusable; you can put them on and take them off when water levels and flies fluctuate.

Orvis produces these weights in either natural silver or camouflage.

14. Dr. Slick Fly Tying Tools Gift Set with Fly Box Combo

Dr. Slick’s fly tying tool gift set was featured in a previous post, Best Fly Tying Kits, and we are so fond of it that we decided to showcase it again here.

The tying tool set contains high-quality tools that may be used to begin tying or to update one’s present gear. The tools are contained in a case lined with foam for easy organizing and carrying. Additionally, the foam liner may be removed to form a fly box.

15. Original Tacky Fly Fishing Fly Box

This is a basic yet necessary piece of equipment for any fly angler. Fishpond’s Tacky Original is likely the most popular fly box on the market. And with good cause. It is simple, stylish, and performs its job effectively! The silicone is durable, does not absorb water, and will not deteriorate over time from hooks being inserted and removed.

It is usually beneficial to have additional fly boxes for organizing flies or designing pattern-specific boxes.

16. Standing in a River Waving a Stick by John Geirach

On fishing vacations when you’re off the water and relaxing at camp, or during the off-season when you can’t, fish books may be entertaining. John Geirach has published a number of books, all of which contain personal short stories about life as a fly angler. His tales go beyond catching giant trout (although there is some of that) to include the sport’s philosophical and cultural nuances.

The delivery of John Geirach’s message is plain and astute. Standing in the River Waving a Stick was selected because it was the first fly-fishing novel I ever read.

17. High-Density Foam Fly Tying Vise Tool Holder and Tool Caddy by Aventik

The Aventik fly tying tool holder and caddy is an excellent gift for the fly tier in your life. This foam holder features holes of varying sizes to fit all of your tools, as well as bigger holes for wax and head cement.

The caddy’s portability on your bench permits ideal organizing. I cannot count the number of times I’ve misplaced tools amidst all of my tying supplies.

18. FishPond Largemouth PIOPOD Microtrash Container

We should all utilize these excellent tiny garbage cans on the water. Did you know that it may take up to 600 years for monofilament tippet and leads to biodegrade, and 4,000 years for fluorocarbon? With snags and line breaks, it’s difficult to keep rivers entirely devoid of these little objects, but Fishpond’s Micro garbage can will assist. It is a compact, straightforward container that hangs from your pack or waders. The container includes a rubber lid with slots for disposing of tippet fragments, old leads, and other tiny trash. Eric has worn one on his pack for years and swears by it!

This fantastic product is preserving the beauty of our rivers and streams for future generations.

19. Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise

We have included the Griffin Odyssey Spider Tying vice as an excellent gift for novice fly tiers or those looking to update their vice. It is one of our favorite vices due to its quality and affordability. It features a C-clamp for attachment to a tying table or bench, a 360-degree rotation function, and a bobbin cradle. This is also an excellent travel vice for the traveler who ties. Click here for a comprehensive guide on fly tying vises.

20. Loon Outdoors Rogue Quick Draw Forceps

Forceps are ESSENTIAL to have on the water, and these red rapid draw forceps could be a fisherman’s new best buddy. The carabiner provides for a quick and secure connection to your pack or waders, allowing you simple access to and quick release of your fish. I cannot count the number of times I have fumbled with my forceps while attempting to extract them from my pack or let them fall into the river without noticing. The forceps are equipped with a sharpened part for cutting line and a needle for cleaning the eye hooks on your flies. This set of forceps is hard to beat for the price.

21. Rio Gold Fly Line

Rio is one of the foremost authority in fly fishing lines. Their gold floating fly line is an excellent all-around trout line. This product is available in three, four, and five weight lines with a variety of color options.

Rio also offers a vast selection of lines for anglers that fish more specialized techniques, like deep water, spey, euro-nymphing, and more.

22. Simms Dockwear Wool Beanie

Simms provides a wonderful trout beanie for chilly days, and since a fly angler cannot always wear a trucker hat.

This well-crafted wool beanie is available in three colors and features the Simms logo on the front. This hat is perfect for wearing on the water or about town throughout the chilly fall and winter months.

23. Goat Head Sole Wading Spikes

These fantastic small spikes attach to the bottom of your wading boots for more grip while wading across the slippery riverbed. The wading spikes from Goat Head include 30 1/2-inch spikes and a magnetic nut driver and socket.

These are of superior quality and far cheaper than competing brands.

24. Protective UV Mfl Headwear

This scarf is excellent for fishing on hot, sunny days. The bandana is constructed from breathable microfiber polyester to shield and cool the head and neck from the sun. This one features a brown trout design, but various colors are also available.

Furthermore, the buff may be worn in a variety of ways to fit the demands of the wearer.

25. Scientific Anglers Deluxe Fly Tying Kit with Vise, Materials, Tools, Hooks, and Instructional DVD in Travel Case

This is an excellent fly-tying kit for the angler who wants to learn how to tie their own flies. This fly-tying kit has all the necessary tools and ingredients to make many essential flies used by every angler. A DVD including a step-by-step lesson for each design is provided.

The tools and supplies fit snugly in a robust container that is great for organizing and transport.

26. Rep Your Waters Brown Trout Mesh Hat

Rep your waterways with stylish caps and other apparel. They offer a variety of styles, but this brown trout trucker hat is very cool.

The adjustable rear strap features this hat one size fits everyone. The fact that Rep Your Waters donates three percent of every transaction to national conservation organizations is also a really great feature. Something we greatly appreciate at Anchor Fly!

27. Booms Fishing Fly Fishing Equipment Set

This little fishing equipment is perfect for fly fishermen. It comprises forceps made of stainless steel for extracting the fly from the fish’s mouth. Second, there is a leader straightener for those loops in brand-new leaders that are difficult to uncoil. Additionally, the package includes a retractable zinger for holding smaller tools. The final component of Boom’s tool kit is a tie quick combination tool that assists in making three distinct knots, can cut line and tippet, and has an eye hook needle (used to clear out the eye hole on flies).

This present is a terrific gift considering all the equipment included.

28. Thingamabobber 5 piece 3/4″ assorted pack

Thingamabobbers are widely utilized strike indicators by many fly fishermen. This economical pack has five 3/4″ indicators in orange, pink, yellow, and white.

Depending on the sort of water you’re fishing in and the type of flies you’re using, the variants give variety. On the water, these strike indicators are simple to install and adjust.

29. Men’s and Women’s Simms Headwaters Half Finger Fishing Gloves

Ideal for cool fall and winter days spent on the water. Each of the headwaters gloves from Simms is built from wind-resistant fleece and contains a pocket for a hot pack.

The fingerless gloves make it possible to change flies without removing your gloves.

30. Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fly Fishing Vest

The quality and pricing of Redington’s Clark Fork Vest cannot be beaten. The vest is constructed of nylon and is available in sizes ranging from small to XXL. In recent years, bulky packs and bags have replaced fly fishing vests; yet, the simplicity and practicality of this vest is quite tempting, especially for anti-vest fishermen.

There are various zipped and Velcro compartments, as well as huge pockets for fly boxes.

If you are new to angling in general and are browsing our advice on the best fly fishing gifts, you may be interested in our Fly Fishing for Beginners resource guide. This is an exhaustive handbook for beginners that explains everything a novice must know about the sport.

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