Best Prescription Fly Fishing Sunglasses (Polarized)

Fly fishing sunglasses – are one of the most important items when you hit the water. We share our opinion on the best-polarized fishing goggles on the market.

How to choose the best sunglasses for fishing? There are several factors to consider when choosing fishing goggles, the most important of which is the suitability of the fishing goggles. They must adapt to the shape of the face and rest firmly on the nose. Otherwise, you won’t have much fun in the water.

Secondly, your fishing goggles must be polarized. We will explain this technology in more detail below. This means that some light rays are filtered out, eliminating glare and allowing you to see fish as you’ve never seen before.

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In this article, we want to share our experience and introduce you to some different lens options and shapes for the best fishing goggles. For our tests, we selected a range of high-quality lenses from famous brands such as Costa, Oakley, and Smith Optics, but we also included a pair of fishing sunglasses, rated by many famous brands, to see what they might look like. Opera.

We have selected a variety of glass shapes, technologies, and colors. The reason for this is to give you a better idea of ​​the fishing sunglasses options available. Polarized sunglasses are standard in fishing sunglasses today. Let’s move on to the best fishing sunglasses on the market right away.


Before we dive into our range of frames, let’s take a look at the key parts you need in the fishing sunglasses recipe: coverage, durability, and traction. (We’ll also talk about Rx’s capabilities!)


The housing design offers maximum UV coverage and offers a wide field of view. Get unobstructed edges and maximum sun protection to enjoy long days in the sun with a comfortable view.


Fishing sunglasses must withstand the heat of the sun and salt and water. To avoid corrosion on your favorite everyday frames, choose fishing sunglasses made from durable materials like nylon, Grilamid TR90, or Oakley’s O Matter ™.


The days of cutting and crimping boats are a quick way to lose your favorite frame. That’s why all the sunglasses in our range have built-in frames to survive. Available in many forms, our sport

Optometrists recommend frames with rubber grips that become stickier when wet or extra straps if you need extra frame security.


We can’t talk about the best fishing sunglasses recipes without talking about your Rx lenses! All of these frames are available for an online prescription at SportRx. Choose from a single view, varifocal, or even dual focus (which changes your life when you get married). Available in a range of lens colors and finishes, we recommend choosing a polarized lens to reduce glare and help you identify and track fish.

Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Fantail

Costa Del Mar Fantail sunglasses are some of the best fishing sunglasses you can find anywhere. The frame is made of durable TR 90 nylon and can withstand drops and even kicks, making it durable. They are also available in a wide selection of colors and have excellent coverage to block the sun from the side.

The lenses are made of impact and scratch resistant 580 polycarbonates, as well as an unprecedented polarized lens. With these polarized sunglasses, you will be able to see through the strongest glare and it will be easier than ever to see fish.

You can also choose any polarized lens color you want with these polarized sunglasses, from brown to blue and even yellow for low light conditions. Mirror color options are also available.

Wiley X Jacob Wheeler

Here is a fantastic pair of polarized sunglasses: Jacob Wheeler’s Wiley X. Developed in collaboration with professional fisherman Jacob Wheeler, the Wiley X has won our hearts with its compact size. No matter how hard you are hunting, the feeling stays in place. The gorgeous polarized green mirror lens (pictured above) is a great choice for sunny days on the water.

If most of your fishing is done in low light, consider the Captivate Bronze Mirror option from Wiley X Jacob Wheeler. This lens shines because of its low light capability. If you’re looking for a universal model that will serve you well regardless of lighting conditions, the Captivate Polarized Gray is the way to go. Regardless of the lens color, you choose, with the Wiley X Jacob Wheeler you are sure to get a pair of quality polarized fishing sunglasses. Black case with zipping, cleaning cloth with Wiley X logo, carry strap with rubber grip.


The SMITH Castaway is a non-slip frame that looks great on and off the boat. Made of nylon TR90, which is very comfortable, lightweight, and durable. The generously rectangular lenses provide plenty of UV protection and the super thick lenses increase peripheral coverage. Mego’s rubber nose pads and temple tips give you the support you need, while the included buckle strap attaches to the frame for added security.

When it comes to lenses, in contact lens days you will love the clarity you get from SMITH ChromaPop ехнологи lens technology. For prescription sunglasses, Castaway has the SportRx Sport Optimized Lens to help you catch more fish.

Maui Jim Peahi

Maui Jim makes some of the best-polarized sunglasses and their Peahi is not to be missed.

These sunglasses are made with a nylon frame, which makes them lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear like the rest. What sets these sunglasses apart from others is that they have glass lenses.

The glass lenses make it easy to see so you can easily spot the fish, and they are 100% polarized to eliminate all glare even the lens technology improves the color for better images, so you can’t miss the ikan.

The only downside to these polarized glasses is that they don’t come in many lens color options, but standard ones like brass lenses are available.


The impressive Kaenon Arcata completes our range of the best prescription fishing glasses. Its clean design will get you in this frame even if you’re not heading out on the water. They are made of Grilamid TR90, which is flexible, lightweight, and durable. This means you can wear Arcata for years. The Variflex nose and temple pads ensure you can focus on your catch instead of fumbling with sliding frames. And if you’re ready to take your vision to the next level, the Arcata comes with Kaenon’s SR-91 polarized prescription lens that sharpens color and detail.

Kast King Toccoa Polarized Sunglasses

Most importantly, the KastKing Toccoa Polarized offers 100% UV protection and polarized lenses. We tested it in a variety of environments, from fishing in dimly lit rivers to the blazing Mediterranean sun. Possibility of perfect polarization and gives you a nice view of the water. Overall, their gray lenses make them a good choice if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of sunglasses or if you’re just starting fishing and want to know if you want to stick with them.

The fit is less tight than the Oakley Split Shot or Smith Highwater and probably better than the Costa Del Mar Blackfin Pro. Because of its shape, it doesn’t block glare. On the other hand, the softer fit makes it a great all-in-one model and a pair of sunglasses you can easily wear around town without looking like a hardcore athlete.

The glass works well in low light, though it can’t handle, for example, the Smith Highwater ChromaPop, which is in a different league. On very sunny days you should opt for a darker glass.

What to Consider when Buying Fishing Sunglasses?

The Type of Lens

There are two types of lenses – plastic and glass. Glass lenses offer more visual clarity and resistance to scratches and chemicals, but are heavier and more expensive than plastic versions. Recent technological advances have helped manufacturers produce large quantities of polycarbonate lenses that are easier to bring to market.

Fortunately, mass production does not diminish the quality of this valuable product. Technology has advanced dramatically and plastic sunglasses now offer great polarization while being lightweight and impact resistant.

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The Color of the Lenses

Although the color of the lens is a personal choice, the shade is suitable for a variety of situations.

Gray fishing goggles provide good waste reduction when fishing in direct sunlight and there is minimal color distortion. It also sounds excellent for long-term use in Moderate to quiet situations.

From brown to copper and from simple to mirrored lenses, a variety of options are available:

Copper, Brown, or Amber

Copper, brown or yellow lenses are ideal for low light conditions such as night fishing, morning fishing, or cloudy weather. This perched copper / yellow lens allows more light to pass through, resulting in a larger visual with less light.

Bright sun lenses for fishing and the parrot’s ability to distinguish colors.

yellow Lenses

Designed for fly fishermen, yellow goggles are a good squid because they can differentiate between fly fishing and stagnant bottom. I found it very useful for privates and bumping into the grass while piano fishing.

Buy blue sunglasses for fishing in the sea. Coated with a Greek main lens that blocks strong sunlight when fishing in bright conditions.

Green Lenses

Freshwater anglers mirrored lenses green and green for the exclusive color of the parrot in a copper / yellow base. The slow search for green mirrors reduces sunlight damage and creates perfect vegetation along the way.

Green lenses provide excellent contrast and color even in all conditions. It’s useful when fishing in a deep salad when the depth of the spot isn’t an issue. A set of green mirrors or simple lenses is a great asset when in the water.

Available Coatings

Thanks to the latest technology, this coating provides protective protection and is available in a variety of colors to give it an aesthetic look.

The color filters some light rays across the color spectrum, creating a unique specular blue color made from natural blue that is rich in water. The top sunglasses have several types

layer – a mirror layer, an anti-graffiti layer, or a hydrophobic layer to prevent surface water contamination.

Last words:

Thank you for reading my article about the best fishing goggles. We hope you enjoy it and point it in the desired direction to find the best fishing goggles for you.

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