Urban Fly Fishing

Catching new species, finding new places, and trading closer to home – these are just some of the reasons urban fishing deserves the noise. From the land of dead goldfish to catching stubborn little goldfish, town fishing is popular these days, and with good reason. How and where to fish in urban conditions is entirely up to you, but here are our thoughts on why this style of fishing is worth your time. Additionally, we offer our top nine picks for the best urban fly fishing cities in the world.

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What is urban fly fishing?

Exactly what you do! Depending on where you live and what you are looking for, everything from lakes, dams and rivers to canals and rivers offer fishing opportunities along the way. Picking the right spot and finding fish obviously requires a little knowledge, but it’s all part of what makes fishing in the city so fun. Urban fishing is all about ingenuity and a little flexibility, and once you’re open to urban adventure, the possibilities are endless.

Why Is Urban Fishing So Cool?

For many of us, a day on the water means waiting for the weekend and spending a lot of time in the car. But you can change that with a little fishing in the city. After all, it doesn’t take long to get into the meditative calm of fishing, and casting a fishing rod closer to home makes it a lot easier.

Until recently, urban fly fishing remained on the radar. But more and more people find fish in their gardens and consequently fish more. One of the best aspects of urban fishing is the adventure that comes with it. Many cities have more water than you can imagine and most of them are full of fish. Finding these gems is the name of the game and there’s a good chance the fishing pressure won’t last long. Only the most daring and dedicated anglers (like you and me) have a strong desire to picnic, jog on Sundays, and build a lively fly-in.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of urban fishing is seeing how your skills improve. By targeting new species in different waters, your throwing technique, choice of flight and presentation will all benefit from the challenges you face. The better you can crawl over the floating goldfish, the more trout you will catch in the clear water at that time.

How Do I Find Urban Fishing Spots?

Be creative, imaginative and patient. You can walk through fish-friendly ponds on your way to work or take your dog for a walk through a local lake filled with sea poles and trout. The only way to know how good or bad your catch is is to thoroughly wet the fly. Urban fishing is a game of exploration and adventure, so don’t be discouraged if it’s not worth your first trip.

When it comes to getting water, I’ve always been a huge AC fan. Turn on your laptop, have a beer and let your thoughts begin. Using Google Maps or another satellite map app is a great way to find local lakes, find your access point, and get excited about the unknown on a new fishing trip in an urban area. When deciding on your next destination, be sure to consider public access and private ownership. Yes, it might be a gold mine, but going to a swimming pool by the sea isn’t a good idea.

Where Should I go to Urban Fish?

Almost all major cities have urban fishing attractions, but here are the top 10 cities in the world for urban fishing.

Austin, Texas

Streams, lochs, rivers, lochs and lakes – Austin is a haven for urban hunters. With the Colorado River running through the city and many other rivers and streams throughout the city, Multimouth and the Guadalupe bass are never too far away. Not to mention the catfish, carp, carp and crocodiles scattered around the lakes and lakes of the city.

New York City, New York

There is a lot of urban fishing in a city that never sleeps. Fishing in the Big Apple means everything from trout on Long Island to street fish at the bottom of the Hudson River, to the city’s many lochs and lakes with a handful of sea and panrib. If you’re looking for something more salty, head to the Gulf of Jamaica for methyl and blue fish.

Denver is only a small part of Rocky Parks which is also an inspiration for urban areas. More importantly, the South Platte River offers through the city center an opportunity for members of the fishermen to offer cap, sea bass and sea bass, oily fish, sucker, catfish, hair and rainbows that mix from time to time.

Sacramento, California

Called the “City of Rivers”, Sacramento should be on the list. Fishing in Sacramento City is a very important event for Sacramento and the American River in the United States. While it’s easy to prepare large salmon, sea bass and sea bass and shad, American River is a great way to support steel salmon and chinook. Preserved as a “river of recreation,” this American River is easily accessible from the American River Parkway, one of the largest parks in California.

Miami, Florida

miami gidi! Cities and luxury have it all. You can also download one of the “big three” (tarpon, spine, power) or even a small air bass to support the peacock bass. Since the weather is sunny all year round, pack your accessories when you’re back in town. have you ever lived there? You’re lucky, your magic wand is paired for your lunch break.

The Twin Cities, Minnesota

Well, in terms of technology, these are two cities, but both are members of the local business community. Known as the City of Lakes, Minneapolis is located along major roads, all in the metropolitan area. Mississippi USA is located in Minneapolis and St. Mary’s. Louis. Paul. Get ready and get ready to play bass, carp, moss, carp and more.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is perhaps best known as the home of the tallest building in the world, and is the next destination for urban fishing. Surrounded by magnificent architecture and magnificent sights, Dubai’s urban fishermen can access some of the most sought after fish in the world: queen, golden grass, maize, head and sea bass. In this meeting, the inclusion of this extraordinary goal in your service menu does not replace administrative activities.

Melbourne/Sydney, Australia

New Zealand gets a lot of attention for its fishing, but Australia should not be forgotten. Melbourne has some of the best urban fishermen in the Southern Hemisphere, largely due to the unmatched mix of hungry trout and salt marshes. Our goal? Start your urban adventure on the Yara River before choosing a local lake to enjoy the calm waters. Or go to Sydney Harbor to try sea fishing.

London, England

Who knew London was known for its urban fishing? Take a breather from the conquest of the British capital and escape to one of the routes through the famous destination. With many rivers and canals flowing into the famous river Thames, anglers can catch everything from jumbo carp to brown trout – it is said that sea trout and salmon also flee the city …

We understand that the allure of a large brown bunker hiding under a shady leaf can be difficult in its day. But it’s impossible not to fall in love with urban fly fishing if you know you can fish closer to home. It is no longer necessary to wait for the weekend and they can no longer apologize for the unexpected and sleepless nights – tomorrow there is the same pool and you can kick it out.

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