Women’s Wading Boots

Trying to Find the Right Fit

Like many other outdoor activities, fly fishing has historically been dominated by men. That is readily apparent by picking up any fly fishing magazine at the grocery store or studying some free fly fishing magazines on the Internet.

In an effort to make fly fishing more accessible, several companies have made it a priority over the past three decades to provide gear that is suitable for all anglers.

I know how difficult it is for me to find waders and wading boots that fit properly, as these goods are often designed with males in mind.

I will offer a sizing chart wherever it is available so that you may consult it and purchase with confidence. This study will provide an unbiased look at the best women’s wading boots on the market and the companies that manufacture them. It will also simplify for everyone to get out on the water comfortably, safely, and with the correct fit to fish for hours.

Let’s get started!

The Top Wading Boots for Women (Overall)

1. Simms Women’s Flyweight Wading Boots


  • “Women’s Specific” Fit
  • Size 5-12, No Half-Sizes
  • High-Cushion Midsole
  • Low-Profile, Lightweight Synthetic Upper
  • Welded TPU Film
  • Speed Lace Hooks
  • Lace-To-Toe Closure

I have tested a number of Simms’s high-quality items. The Simms Flyweight Women’s Wading Boots exemplify Simms’s attention to detail and dedication to creating a valuable and durable product.

The Flyweight wading boots are thin and don’t weigh much. The addition of abrasion-resistant welded TPU film to rubbing or friction-prone parts of the boot is an outstanding feature.

The lacing hooks and excellent closing mechanism on these wading boots keep pebbles out, and the tread is outstanding and effective on slippery moss, uneven gravel, and slick grass and weeds.

These boots are well-reviewed and perfect for pairing with any neoprene stockingfoot waders.


  • Very durable. The TPU material employed in this instance is very resistant to abrasion.
  • The tread is excellent and gives traction comparable to that of felt.


  • There were a few instances of the lacing hooks causing damage to waders when improperly fastened, despite the fact that these boots have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Women’s Wading Boot Size chart from Simms

To accommodate the neoprene stockingfoot, locate your usual shoe size in the columns on the right and order the appropriate Simms Boot from the first or second column. If your street shoe size is 8 in the United States, you would wear a size 9 women’s wading boot or a size 7 men’s wading boot.

2. Korkers Women’s Darkhorse Wading Boots


  • OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System
  • Size 5-11.5, With Half-Sizes
  • BOA Lacing System
  • 3 Ply Fit System With Ankle Support
  • Kling-On Sticky Rubber Sole
  • Internal Drainage System
  • Molded TPU Toe Cap
  • 2.4 lbs Total Weight

In my region, Korkers are the holy grail of wading boots. They are discussed in every bait and tackle shop I attend, and I have them on my list for an upgrade.

The Women’s Darkhorse is a modified version of the wading boot that has brought Korkers a great deal of recognition. It is a beautifully designed women’s boot, not a rebranded men’s boot in a smaller size.

There are additional half sizes available, enabling an even better fit for various body shapes. It incorporates the OmniTrax Interchangeable sole system, allowing you to switch from hiking soles to water soles to felt soles on the fly!

The internal drainage technology used by Korkers pushes the water out with each stride, lowering weight and making every wade safer and more pleasant.

There are not enough positive attributes to describe these wading boots. They are constructed to endure season after season of severe use. Check these!


  • According to me, Korkers are the best of the best, and these are well-engineered, sturdy boots that live up to the reputation.
  • Slender and lightweight
  • Half sizes


  • A pair of boots has a hefty price tag, yet the price accurately represents the quality.

3. Orvis Clearwater Women’s Wading Boots


  • Full Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Scratch Rubber Toe, Vamp, and Heel Counter
  • EVA Foam Sole
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Toe Bumper
  • Orvis PosiGrip Stud Compatible
  • US Women’s Whole Sizes 6-11

In the world of fly fishing, Orvis’s Clearwater series is well-known and highly regarded, and these women’s wading boots accurately reflect the quality of this series. Orvis is an expert in fly fishing, and they built these wading boots with women in mind.

These are not simply miniature replicas of current products. The entire synthetic upper is extremely durable with no unnecessary seams. The toe is scratch-resistant and thick enough to protect you from unforeseen hazards when wading in deep water.

These boots exemplify the flexibility and durability of the Clearwater collection from Orvis.


  • The durable toe is ideal for extreme wading situations
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Aside from a few reports of a tight fit, these boots are a wonderful price and have received positive reviews.
  • No longer available at Trident Fly Fishing

Size chart for Orvis Women’s Wading Boots

When sizing wading boots, we normally recommend beginning with one size larger than your normal shoe size. It is necessary to accommodate the additional volume required when wearing waders.

The chart below compares the ORVIS Wading Boot sizing to standard shoe sizes. Please follow this size chart when placing an order to ensure a proper fit. Women’s US size 7 would require a size 8 ORVIS Women’s, Wading Boot.

4. Redington Women’s Benchmark Wading Boots


  • Comfortable EVA Midsole
  • Abrasion Resistant Rubber
  • Drainage Port
  • Corrosion Resistant Lace Hooks
  • Rubber or Felt Sole
  • Stud Compatible
  • US Women’s Whole Sizes 6-10

Redington’s women’s Benchmark boots are another example of the company doing what it does best. Although these boots are marketed as Redington’s entry-level model, I’ve seen several examples of them being used with higher-end stockingfoot waders in reviews.

The benchmarks have a basic design that is quite utilitarian, yet with many of the features that more pricey wading boots offer, notably the drainage port.

These are definitely a wonderful pick for your first wading boot because they hold up to the better name brands at an inexpensive price.


  • Super useful, durable design.
  • Reasonably priced
  • A wonderful choice for an entry-level boot or as a strong pair of backups.


  • Somewhat restricted sizes available

Best Women’s Wader Boots Money Can Buy

Women’s Redington Benchmark Wading Boots

Redington has once again demonstrated their expertise with the women’s Benchmark boots. These are marketed as Redington’s entry-level boots, yet I’ve seen several customer testimonials in which they’re combined with premium stockingfoot waders.

The design of the benchmarks is basic and very functional, with many of the same features as more expensive wading boots, including a drainage outlet.

These are excellent boots for your first pair of wading boots due to their price and ability to compete with more expensive models.


  • Super useful, durable design.
  • Reasonable cost
  • An excellent option for an entry-level boot or a set of reliable backups.


  • Slightly restricted sizes available

5. Caddis Northern Guide Ultralite Women’s Wading Boots


  • Ecosmart Sole
  • 100% Polyester Outer
  • Easy Tie Speed-Laces
  • Reinforced Toe and Heel
  • US Women’s Size 6-10

I have evaluated a few other Caddis goods here at Anchor Fly, and this firm is devoted to providing reasonably priced gear and intended for usage.

Their Northern Guide women’s wading boots are a budget-friendly, lightweight solution for fly anglers. Caddis’ Ecosmart outsole provides comfort and traction on the water, complementing a water-resistant polyester upper.

These wading boots have no-frills, yet they are useful and capable at a modest price.


  • These boots are worth considering due to their reasonable price, especially if you need a spare pair.


  • No drain
  • No felt
  • Limited Sizing

What To Consider When Buying Women’s Wading Boots?

Sizing is the most difficult aspect of locating a suitable pair of wading boots and, consequently, the stockingfoot waders of your choosing. Buying online makes sizing even more challenging.

Having said that, I believe that wading boots are one of those items of gear that should be purchased in person at a local fly shop, as nothing beats being able to put them on yourself, with and without your special neoprene stockingfoot.

For some of us, there is no fly shop within a reasonable distance, so we must purchase our supplies online or do without. If this is the case, I would be on the lookout for half sizes when I go shopping.

Half-sizes can differentiate between a well-fitting boot and one that will quickly develop holes in the neoprene. Look for anything that protects against abrasion and scrapes.

Frequent wading amongst jagged pebbles, wood, and other impediments will dramatically reduce the longevity of your wading boots; thus, any feature that actively prevents abrasion is a feature you’ll desire.

What differentiates men’s and women’s wading boots?

Women’s wading boots may be in poor supply or unavailable at the local bait and tackle shop. Even some fly shops have a restricted stock or a smaller sizing selection.

For these reasons, many of the women I fish with have resigned themselves to attempting to locate men’s sizes that fit, and many have succeeded.

However, finding a men’s size that works for them required a significant investment of time, money, and trial and error. In conclusion, I know a large number of women who consistently fish in men’s size wading boots and boot foot waders, and to them, there isn’t much of a difference other than occasional fit concerns.

If you’re seeking to upgrade your gear and want something developed with you in mind, I’d recommend investing in a pair of wading boots designed exclusively for women.

Orvis, Korkers, and Redington are well regarded and withstand the scrutiny of clients across the United States.

They may be more expensive, but they may be the solution to finding a pair of wading boots that prioritizes comfort above durability.

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