Fishing Pontoon Boats

If you want to explore deep, a pontoon boat for fly fishing is an excellent way to enhance your experience.

Numerous contemporary designs equip anglers with a multitude of capabilities and features. Pontoon boats are resilient, transportable, inflatable, and a pleasure to operate. In addition, they are far more robust and safer than inflatable kayaks.

Fishing Pontoon Boats
Best Fly Fishing Pontoon Boats - 2022 Buyer's Guide 3

If you plan to purchase a fly fishing pontoon boat but have no idea where to begin, don’t worry; we have you covered. This in-depth study will discuss the best pontoon boats in various price ranges and the elements you should consider before making a purchase. Because there are so many distinct types available, creating a concise list of pontoon boats might be difficult. This is precisely why we have compiled a list of the most outstanding products available at various price levels.

Best Fly Fishing Pontoon Boats Quick Answer List

  1. Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat
  2. Orvis Outcast Fish Cat Scout
  3. Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat
  4. Classic Accessories Colorado XTS
  5. AQUOS Heavy-Duty for One Series FM
  6. Outcast PAC 1000 FS Pontoon Boat
  7. Outcast Pac 1200

Some Considerations When Purchasing a Fishing Pontoon Boat

If you’re interested in purchasing a pontoon boat to enhance your fly-fishing experience, there are a few crucial factors to consider. The like:

How durable should pontoon boats for fly fishing be?

As is the case with virtually all sorts of products, the price of any given item will rely mostly on the types and quality of the materials employed. Important when it comes to pontoon boats are bladder materials. There are essentially two types of materials used to construct contemporary pontoon boat bladders:


Vinyl is by far the most cost-effective option when it comes to price. However, over time, vinyl bladders will start to leak. Why? This is because vinyl is not a particularly elastic material. Consequently, once the material begins to expand, it will continue to grow without regaining its initial form. Therefore, its structural integrity will deteriorate when it expands over time, leading to leaks and holes.


Urethane is by far the finest material available; however, urethane pontoon boats will be costly. However, if you are willing to invest in one, you will never have to replace your pontoon boat again. Urethane pontoon bladders are extremely resilient and resistant to significant wear and strain. Some pontoon manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty on their urethane pontoon boats for just this reason. The material is far more elastic than vinyl, and if a leak does develop, it is simple to fix on the water.

Pontoon Boat Frames

Modern pontoon boats are available with steel or aluminum frames. Although steel is more durable and stronger, it adds considerable weight to the boat. Anglers typically choose aluminum frames with anti-rust materials for greater balance and functionality.

Additional Features

Numerous pontoon boats are outfitted with oars and seats, amongst other accessories. However, it is crucial to remember that when choosing a pontoon boat, you should always prioritize the boat’s quality above the boat and the kind of extra components that may be added.

The Number of Passengers Travels the boat

If you have a fly fishing companion who wants to join you on the fishing excursion, you should choose a pontoon boat that is at least 12 feet long and has 18-inch pontoons (diameter). Larger boats will give comfortable accommodation for many passengers and sufficient storage space for all the equipment. Moreover, larger boats allow you to fish standing up on the boat, particularly if the boat is made with an upright frame. If there are three individuals, choose a 14-foot boat.

The Best Pontoon Boats on the Market for Fly Fishing in 2022

Here is a selection of exceptional pontoon boats for fly fishing. We have selected seven products based on pricing and functionality.

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat

When it comes to pricing, the Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat is unparalleled. It’s a PVC-bottomed inflatable pontoon boat. However, unlike other entry-level boats, Classic Colorado has a PVC bottom that is resistant to wear, enhancing its endurance. The tops are constructed of nylon and have bronzed oarlocks and a steel-tubed frame for durability. The pontoon bladders are built from materials that are resistant to both heat and cold and have excellent valves.

Setting up the Classic Accessories Colorado is straightforward, although it takes longer than other mid-and high-range boats. Therefore, it is advised that you seek assistance from a buddy. The Colorado Classic features a removable frame that must be manually attached, a lengthy process. However, if you read the directions and follow them step by step, setting it up is not difficult. Similarly, the boat is easy to deflate and pack; thus, it is portable to some extent.

The boat weighs more than 70 pounds, which means you cannot transport it on your own. The Colorado Classic comes with several extras, including an anchor system, a detachable foam fly patch, a battery platform, wire rear storage, a motor mount with two positions, comfy seats, and footrests.


  • The bottoms are resistant to abrasion.
  • Nylon uppers
  • Robust steel tube framework
  • Affordable
  • Superior storage space
  • Easy to paddle
  • Compact


  • It can be difficult to travel.
  • Too time-consuming to set up
  • Complaints about its oar lock mechanism

Orvis Outcast Fish Cat Scout

If you’re seeking durability, balance, and simplified functionality, the Orvis Outcast Fish Cat Scout is your best option. This pontoon boat’s frameless design allows smooth transportation and less time-intensive assembly, making it one of its greatest features. The Outcast Fish Scout, one of the best pontoon boats for fly fishing, features a low-profile design and is ideal for fishing in calm water. The boat is extremely light, weighing little more than 35 pounds.

It is meant to be extremely portable, and you can bring it with you on a flight without difficulty. In addition, the pontoon boat is fitted with an IGS (integrated gear system) that provides anglers with several alternatives for gear and pocket configuration.

The Orvis Outcast Fish Cat Scout provides unrestricted functionality and accessibility to both seasoned and novice anglers, weighing substantially less than their previous models while providing streamlined stability and a pleasant rowing action. The pontoon inflates more quickly and is easy to transport.


  • Frameless, lightweight construction for portability
  • With kayak-style seats, the boat allows for standup fishing.
  • Durable PVC exterior
  • Vinyl bladders
  • Excellent storage capacity


  • Expensive

Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat

The Sea Eagle 285 is an amazing frameless pontoon boat designed for fly fishing. With a U-frame construction, the Sea Eagle delivers ultimate convenience for fishing in calm water and a less hull weight. The pontoon boat is equipped with a multitude of amenities to improve your fishing experience.

The Sea Eagle features everything that modern anglers demand, including 360 oarlocks, rod holders, a robust hardwood surface, ample storage space, a two-point engine mount, and a swivel seat. The pontoon boat is easily transportable and can be rolled up and packed in a larger bag. Additionally, the fishing boat has numerous uses. You may, for instance, utilize the oars that come with the boat, or you can install a motor. The 360-degree rotation of the comfy swivel seat allows customers an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. The pontoon boat is very lightweight, weighing only 42 pounds.


  • Lightweight construction with smooth performance
  • The hull is comprised of 1,000 denier material, which is resilient and prevents damage.
  • The 1000D hardwood surface is enhanced for increased speed and reactivity.


  • Expensive

Classic Accessories Colorado XTS

Regarding durability and dependability, the Colorado XTS from Classic Accessories is the way to go. The top of the pontoon boat is constructed of durable 840-denier nylon, while the bottom is made of 1100-denier PVC. The XTS has a total weight capacity of 400 pounds, making it ideal for bigger persons. Coated with powdered steel and featuring a cotter pin design, the frame is even more resilient.

Unlike many other Classic Colorado pontoon boats, the XTS boasts a more comfortable swivel seat constructed with premium cushioning materials that offer streamlined ergonomics as well as unparalleled movement and flexibility. The swivel seat features a 180-degree rotation range, giving uninterrupted views of the surroundings.

The Classic Extras Colorado XTS comes with various high-quality accessories, namely enlarged storage compartments, gear bag attachment points, cupholders, and many pockets.

As for the XTS’s accouterments, a gear platform positioned beneath the seat provides ample space for storage. There are also side-attached gear packs with insulated cupholders and many compartments.


  • Sturdy structure and overall construction
  • Impressive storage capacity
  • Exceptionally cozy swivel seat
  • Powder-coated steel frame


  • Expensive

AQUOS Heavy-Duty for One Series FM

Look no farther than the AQUOS Heavy-Duty for One Series FM pontoon boat if you’re searching for something lightweight, sturdy, and flexible. The One Series is meant to be portable, weighing only 52 pounds, so you can easily transfer it in a larger boat, pickup truck, or RV. The pontoon boat also has a stainless steel grab bar that gives additional security and stability.

Additionally, the AQUOS Heavy-Duty for One Series FM includes an incredibly comfortable swivel seat with adjustment capabilities. You may change the seat’s height between 9.6 and 13 inches for a more precise fishing experience. The pontoon boat also includes paddle oars that may be attached (5.4-ft).

The maximum capacity of the pontoon boat is 350 pounds, and it is constructed with a robust aluminum floor spanning 27.5 inches by 47 inches. This means that anglers will have ample room to move and can quickly convert the pontoon boat into a fishing platform. Additionally, the floor is equipped with EVA-textured anti-slip cushioning that helps prevent slips and falls. In addition, the surface is constructed from cold- and heat-resistant materials.


  • Portability and portability
  • Rotating seat with height adjustment
  • Includes paddle oars
  • Larger surface space
  • EVA-textured anti-skid cushioning


  • Expensive

Outcast PAC 1000 FS Pontoon Boat

The Outcast Pac 1000 FS is a true big guy, intended to carry up to 500 pounds! Despite its size and cargo capacity, the pontoon boat is surprisingly light, agile, and easy to manage. The 1000 FS is suitable for anglers who like to embark on a lengthy fishing excursion with an abundance of fishing equipment and accessories. Orvis describes this pontoon boat as the most robust and sturdy on the market, including 10 boat lengths and 18-inch in diameter premium tubes.

In addition, the Outcast Pac 1000 FS includes a swivel seat with a flexible hard shell. The structure has a modest steel frame. The pontoons are constructed with two urethane air chambers and super-tough 1,100-denier and 27-oz PVC exteriors that are welded in place. In addition to being one of the greatest pontoon boats for fly fishing, the 1000 FS features two inflation valves (one-way) and a massive storage box that allows anglers to bring a ton of equipment. In addition, the pontoon boat has two easily accessible saddle bag storage pockets.


  • 500-pound weight-bearing capability
  • Lightweight
  • Diamond-plated capacity for storage
  • 1,100-denier PVC outers
  • Urethane gas membranes
  • Compartments on a saddle bag


  • Expensive

Outcast Pac 1200

If you’re searching for a two-person pontoon boat for fly fishing, the Orvis Outcast Pac 1200 is the best option. In actuality, it is by far the most fabulous boat for the task. The Outcast 1200 is 13 feet in length, is inflatable, and has a detachable shelf. In addition, it offers good storage, as the gear bags are simply removable. Due to its aluminum structure, the pontoon boat may be changed into a one-seater, which is one of the most intriguing features.

Orvis Outcast Pac 1200 is also far lighter than the Pac 1000 and has enough storage capacity, allowing you to pack your gear, fishing supplies, and food and water for multi-day fly fishing excursions with your fishing friend.

In comparison to other types, the pontoon is also the most robust. Orvis Outcast Pac 1200 is constructed from 1670-denier, durable PVC plastic (37-oz thick). The bottom of the boat is constructed from the same materials with a thickness of 43 ounces, making it a robust, solid, but flexible river fishing boat. In addition, the boat is equipped with air chambers made of urethane and valves of the highest quality, which will come in useful when the rapids get intense.


  • Two-seat seating
  • Durable construction with urethane air chambers
  • Top-quality valves
  • Voluminous storage capacity
  • Convertible to a single-seater


  • Quite costly

The Final Word on Fly Fishing Pontoon Boats

This concludes my in-depth analysis of the best pontoon boats for fly fishing. However, ultimately, the boat you choose will rely mostly on your interests. For instance, if you only go fly fishing once or twice a month and are on a tight budget, the Orvis Outcast Fish Cat Scout is a better option.

It features a respectable storage capacity and rather strong construction. However, if you are a frequent and experienced angler who desires something that will endure longer, you could choose the Orvis Outcast Pac 1200.

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