Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

Despite their ferocity, size, and raw force, Golden Dorado is an extraordinarily attractive creature to target on the fly. They are commonly considered to be the top predator fish in South America. It’s little wonder that fly fishing for golden dorado has been so popular in recent years; these anglers offer incredible sight fishing possibilities, as well as aggressive strikes and exhilarating battles.

Golden Dorado Fly Fishing
The Best Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Argentina’s 3

Yellow Dog collaborates with and promotes a number of outstanding and diverse fly fishing-specific programs in Argentina that include skilled guides and first-rate lodgings. We offer the following programs to any fisherman who wants to target golden dorado, whether for a single day or an entire week. Keep in mind that many of these programs are easily combinable with most Patagonia trout fishing excursions or can be combined to provide the ultimate Dorado experience.

The River Cruiser Golden Dorado

Our wonderful friends at Estancia Laguna Verde are offering a mothership program onboard a live-aboard mothership for us to enjoy. The Entre Rios delta, South America’s second-largest delta after the Amazon, is home to the Parana River’s Golden Dorado hunt, where the River Cruiser offers a fresh perspective.

Aboard the mothership, guests enjoy first-class accommodations and fish from specialized skiffs engineered for optimal fishability and comfort. The business is conducted year-round, offering anglers the opportunity to hunt Golden Dorado no matter what time of the season.

Pinti’s Dorado on the Fly

Pinti’s Dorado on the Fly program, located in the northern Argentinian hamlet of Ita Ibate amid the lush forest banks of the Upper Parana River, offers opportunities for good quantities of Golden Dorado, Pacu, and Pira Pita. Although the primary target is the golden dorado, anglers may also target other fascinating jungle species like Pacu and Pira Pita using dry flies.

A pioneer of Upper Parana River fly fishing, Pinti has built an outstanding staff and guiding team as well as a premium site on some of the river’s best water. October through early November and late December through April are the ideal months to visit this establishment. From November 5 through December 25, no fishing is permitted due to the spawning season.

The Pira Inn

Located in the enormous Ibera marshes in the Corrientes Province of northern Argentina, Pira Lodge offers unrivaled access to this spectacular habitat, which is home to more than 350 species of birds and large populations of several fish species, such as Golden Dorado, Pira Pita, Tararira, and Surubi. The food, service, and hospitality of Pira Lodge are world-class, and guests can expect nothing less than the best. Pira accommodates anglers from October through May and provides a terrific half-week alternative paired with other vacations or as a stand-alone location for a full-week package.

Urban Dorado Anglers

Those passing through the city of Buenos Aires may take advantage of Urban Dorado Anglers’ great dorado fishing without having to spend time or money traveling to more isolated places. Urban Dorado Anglers. Urban Dorado Anglers’ itineraries include transportation services to and from your hotel or nearby airports, lunch and beverages, and all essential fly fishing gear making it easy and convenient to get an extra day on the water fishing to or from other adventures planned inside Argentina. If you’ve already seen the regular tourist sites in Buenos Aires, just aren’t an urban resident, or just want to spend a day fishing in a unique habitat for dorado we highly advise checking out this program.

Now that you know which Argentine outfitters provide the best Golden Dorado fly fishing, the next step is to decide when you’d want to travel. For anglers with a flexible schedule, several of the businesses on this list provide year-round programs. We recommend fishing for huge fish 2-3 weeks before and 2-3 weeks after spawning season if you want to catch them. October, March, and April are all terrific months to pursue huge Dorado, but again businesses that provide year-round alternatives will fish any season.

Where to Fish for Golden Dorado with a Fly fishing?

The Golden Dorado can be found deep in the Amazonian rainforests or in the Paraná Delta in Argentina. This vibrant fish is a top predator, and it will strike at the appropriate moment if presented with the proper fly. In addition to being physically stunning, these fish are among the most fun to catch while fishing with a fly. With long and strong runs mixed with acrobatic jumps, these aggressive predators will target streamers and combat once hooked.

Fly fishing for dorado may be done in two ways: in Bolivia’s mountains and jungles, or Argentina and Uruguay’s marshes and deltas. The prize for both styles of fishing is the wonderful Golden Dorado and both provide the greatest fly fishing for golden dorado in the world.

Bolivia “The Holy Grail”

For the most daring of fly anglers, a Bolivian golden dorado fishing excursion is a must. The secluded nature of the fishing in this location, the strange animals, and the overpowering beauty of the place all combine to produce incredible angling and travel experience that is without a doubt one of the most exciting and unique in the world of destination fly fishing. This region of Bolivia offers various spots with jungle fisheries producing some of the greatest golden dorado fly fishing found anywhere.

Tsimane Agua Negra Lodge

The Agua Negra River is a significant tributary of the Secure River and is the newest addition to the Tsimane fishery. This river is just half the size of the Secure, but it is home to some pretty enormous dorado and a swarm of pacu. The Secure River boasts crystal clear waters squeezed between beautiful jungle hillsides and is reached utilizing handcrafted wooden dugout boats complete with push poles and tiny engines. Asunta Lodge to the Agua Negra River’s confluence is where the middle half of the trail begins. This is normally fished by wading downstream and utilizing the dugout boats to travel from run to run. This middle stretch is loaded with a subsurface structure that gives great ambush spots for big quantities of prize dorado.

Inn of the Tsimane Plumas

On the banks of the Pluma River, right above its confluence with the Secure River, the Pluma Lodge is perched high on a cliff. From the resort, anglers have several various beats and rivers that they may fish from this position, including the Pluma, the upper Pluma, the Itirizama, and the Secure Rivers (above and below the confluence) (above and below the confluence). The distant nature of the golden dorado, pacu, and yatorana fishing in this region, along with the unusual fauna, the fascinating native cultures, and the region’s breathtaking beauty, makes for fantastic angling and travel experience that is without a doubt one of the most exciting and unique in the world of destination fly fishing.

Tsimane Secure Lodge

One of the major lures to fishing this drainage is the vast quantity of dorado in this system, while the Secure River is recognized to be the ideal river to seek the legendary pacu. The Secure River’s upper sections are accessible only by boat, and guests can spend the night at the lodge near the river’s source. Fishing the Upper Secure, Mid Secure, and a number of tributary streams such as the Maniquicito and Ashahana are possible from the Secure Lodge, which only accommodates six anglers per week. There is also the option to take an overnight camp at the small headwaters of the Upper Secure River, which allows you to hunt fish that don’t get fished as often.

Argentina’s Fabled Gold Mine

The Upper Parana ranks as the most consistent of Argentina’s dorado fisheries, offering prodigious fish numbers and potential for giant dorado and other exotic species on the fly, according to the Yellow Dog team’s years of experience fishing and exploring the region. For fly fishing excursions closer to Buenos Aires, the Ro de la la Plata, one of the world’s biggest rivers, and the Paraná Delta, which feeds the Ro de la Plata, are ideal locations. This system is a magnificent maze of water that is home to some outstanding fly fishing for dorado, wolfish, and other species. Much further river are Argentina’s gorgeous marshlands. The marsh is consisting of freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps, and lagoons all of which provide the perfect habitat for solid quantities of golden dorado. The waters of the Ibera Marshland, in contrast to others where dorado may be found, are crystal clear, making sight fishing easy.

Introducing Estancia Laguna Verde’s new mothership program, the Golden Dorado River Cruiser. New to northern Argentina’s golden dorado scene, this is a game-changer when it comes to fishing the Parana River and the Entre Rios delta system — South America’s second-largest river. Throughout the season, the mothership follows the dorado migration up and down the Parana River system.

Urban Dorado Anglers

Since most itineraries include a stay in Buenos Aires, this is the ideal supplement to any Argentina fly-fishing trip to Patagonia. The city of Buenos Aires is situated beside the world’s largest river, the Ro de la Plata, as well as the Paraná Delta, which feeds the river. This system is a magnificent maze of water that is home to some outstanding fly fishing for dorado, wolfish, and other species. Anglers passing through Buenos Aires on their route to Patagonia will appreciate the quick 30-minute trip to Urban Dorado Anglers guides and their fully-stocked skiffs. Within a short period of time, anglers are catching dorado on streamers.

Pinti’s Dorado on the Fly

Dorado Lodge, owned by Ricardo Pinti, sits on the Upper Parana River’s banks, the natural border between Argentina and Paraguay, amid northern Argentina’s deep forest. This wide, clear-water river has good quantities of golden dorado, pacu, and pira pita. The Upper Parana ranks as the most consistent of Argentina’s dorado fisheries, offering prodigious fish numbers and potential for giant dorado and other exotic species on the fly, according to the Yellow Dog team’s years of experience fishing and exploring the region. The dry fly fishing for pira pita and pacu, as well as the sight casting for golden dorado, may be spectacular for anglers.

Pira Lodge

Pira Lodge is hidden within northern Argentina’s gorgeous marshlands. More than twice as vast as the Everglades National Park in Florida, this wetland is the world’s second-largest. In addition to the roughly 350 distinct bird species that call this very diverse environment home, it also has a diverse array of plants and birds. Golden Dorado may be found in large numbers in the marsh’s freshwater rivers, lakes, marshes, and lagoons. Unlike some other dorado hotspots, the waters of the Ibera Marshland are clear making sight fishing easy. With a staff of competent, bi-lingual guides, every fisherman will be in wonderful hands to fully appreciate everything the region has to offer.

Uruguay Golden Dorado

Uruguay and Argentina are divided by the Rio Uruguay which empties into the Rio Parana Delta, producing the Rio de la Plata. These rivers together with their tributaries are home to golden dorado, chafalote, and wolf fish. Uruguay provides anglers a unique opportunity to target golden dorado with a range of methods and techniques. From floating enormous rivers to wading small streams, and everything in between, Uruguay offers it all and avoids the need to fly on another aircraft or drive great miles to catch golden dorado.

UDA Rio Mate Resorts & Spa

Rio Mate Lodge is set in the serene and beautiful rolling hills of Uruguay on the banks of the Rio Mate, which is a tributary of the Rio Uruguay. The infinity pool and private suites at the resort, which are perched on a bluff above the river, provide breathtaking views to visitors. What differentiates Rio Mate Lodge from other dorado sites is the diversity of water that is directly available. This fishery offers it all, from large rivers to little creeks to medium-sized streams.

UDA Winery Lodge

For anglers who have more than a day and are searching for a full experience that provides more than merely pursuing golden dorado, the Winery Lodge Program is the ticket. Anglers departing from the Buenos Aires marina will fish their way across the delta’s waterways and braids before arriving in Uruguay.

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