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If you’re an avid angler like I am, you want to get into the water as much as possible. You’ll probably hit the water to reach this fishing spot, so a good pair of swamps is essential! The best fishing swamps allow you to stay dry, and comfortable, and enjoy your fishing trip even more!

I was looking for the perfect hook that didn’t cross the coast. At Fly Fisher Pro, we are always looking to help you find the best fishing equipment with our reviews. That’s why I put together this – an in-depth review of Frogg Toggs Waders! See on to find out if these countertops are right for your needs.

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First Impressions

When I first saw the Frogg Togg Hellbenders, I was immediately impressed. This mid-range sock table looks premium, durable, and long-lasting. As far as I can say they are well made and look to work well and last a long time. Very good when it sells for around $ 150. They also look great with a practical and flattering slim fit. Now jump deeper into our review and take a look at the characteristics of these marshes for fishing.

Frogg Togg Waders Review Features & Specs

Frogg Togg has countertops from $ 80 to $ 350. The Canyon II is on the bottom and will only cost $ 90. They’ve added neoprene socks so you’re responsible for buying the right traction shoes.

Build Quality

Frogg Togg Canyon II Stockingfoot waders feature a 4 -ply nylon shell that is 100% waterproof. Nylon 4 horses allow anglers to breathe on a warmer day.

Neoprene socks are made from 4mm neoprene and will keep your feet warm and dry. The boots were fitted twice and there were no signs. Neoprene shoes are the best-designed feature of the swamp. You don’t have to wear socks in there.

The bottom of the baker has an integrated pebble guard as well as lace hooks to make sure you don’t get unwanted material in your boots. She grips it tightly around the boots and the kidneys stay in the tie so you don’t have to adjust.

The seams are fully sealed and sealed to keep you dry. However, there are other stitches in the waders that are not at some of the highest levels. The more seams in the swamp, the more likely it is to leak. However, after two years of solid use, there are still no leaks.

Canyon II also has no extra material or protection around the knee. This is the area that gets the most hits. You are bending over, stretching, and walking through vegetation that can easily make a hole in your dormancy.

Previously, 4 layers of nylon were tied around the knees and all other shower areas. I have spent time climbing through vegetation strong enough to be very happy with my stamina as well. I even took a few splashbacks as some of the conditions were slippery and I didn’t cry or tear.


Another good thing about Frogg Toggs is the variety of sizes. You can choose from 9 different options to get the perfect result. The table looks huge despite its narrow size, but you can check the size chart on the Frogg Toggs website [2] to make sure you bought the right table for you!

Frogg Toggs Hellbenders fit perfectly but give you a lot of freedom of movement. You won’t feel any obstacles, whether you’re roaming, roaming or parking.


There were many cases when I was fishing in water in my low 40s or 50s and I needed a swamp but the outside temperature was over 90 degrees. Canyon II has good breathability compared to other sumps at the same price range.

They don’t breathe like some of their upper-class friends but are comfortable enough to swim in on a hot day. You may feel a little warm, but it’s a small price to pay for a comfortable day in the cold water.

The strap is made of a comfortable material that keeps the table securely but does not rub on the shoulder. You won’t notice anything strapped to your shoulder while wearing a swamp. In addition, they are easy to set up and fit no matter how many layers you wear underneath.

Performance in the Water

This is an important factor in choosing a swamp: how do they behave in the water? Hellbenders is very impressed with how flexible and lightweight it is. They allow complete freedom of movement in the water, but are completely waterproof. You will have no difficulty casting, and the suspension ensures that the swamp stays firmly in place no matter how active you are. The material and seams are durable for frequent use, so you stay dry all day.

I would be cautious, however, as I walked through the dense undergrowth. Some fishermen find that the seams can easily tear or the branches get stuck in the material and cause holes and leaks. If this happens, it can be fixed. But if you can pay attention in the first place, these swamps will serve you well and keep you dry while fishing!

Extra Features

In addition, Blast comes with a Bliss belt. Fishermen have a size problem when the waste is too large. The irrigation tape removes dirt and obviously does a great job of preventing water from getting on your feet if you accidentally fill the wounds.

I have not personally included these countertops, so I can’t comment on their detachment, but the straps and table straps are accessible, bulky and easy to use.

There are also two waterproof pockets near the top of the table, which are large enough to store valuables or a small box of flies. Frogg Togg Canyon I only have a waterproof bag in the swamp that is too small. You can’t even put your phone in your pocket, let alone a key or flight box.

Frogg Togg put a pocket on the outside of the Canyon II and kept a pocket on the inside of the shelves for extra storage. This extra space will help you store your valuables. If you cannot bring a fishing bag, you will have everything you need for your trip.

Warranty and customer service

Frogg Toggs is renowned for its excellent and friendly customer service. They want their customers to be happy with their products, so they offer a one-year limited warranty. If your product is damaged, they must replace it for free. Please note, however, that the warranty does not cover accidental damage caused by hooks, brushes, or padding.

Togg Waders Frog Review: My Personal Thoughts


For the price (about $ 90) you can’t go wrong with the Frogg Togg Canyon II. These swamps are presented as swamps with very famous brands. They have all the essential features and work well in almost all cases.

I used this swamp on duck hunting in early December and walked under moderately rough conditions with large rocks and trees that could easily punch holes in this swamp. They are warm, do not tear and show no signs of wear.

The desktops are also light and compact. I travel a lot and like to bring my flying device with me to as many places as possible. They’re like a T-shirt, so don’t bother filling them on the plane I’m sending.

I hope this swamp lasts longer than I do for at least three or four seasons. If so, I have six full fishing seasons in my sleep, and that is unusual. I use it 50 to 60 times in one season and repeatedly in other parts of the year.

I can guarantee that I would pay $ 90 if I knew a pair of rackets that will last for seasons. The only reason I was hoping to catch them was that I was fishing in areas where not everyone was welcome.


To get an honest Frogg Togg Waders review obviously, there will be some drawbacks, so here it is.

I wish these swamps were a little more breathable. While it’s lightweight and comfortable, I had to unplug and remove it during some of the ups and downs I had during the warmer days.

Flight fishing rods for waders

When it’s sunny and there’s little movement in the air, I get warm and my feet sweat a lot. At $ 90, though, I can’t expect this villain to breathe like the more expensive, high-performance Bowler hat.

I also wish there weren’t so many bites in Canyon II. In the past, all the leaks on my badgers came from the seams. So far this point is up and I have not noticed any weight loss. However, there is nothing worse than feeling your feet really cold and wet in the middle of one of your sessions

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