Cold Weather Fishing Gloves

Have you ever attempted to tie a little hook to a thin line while your fingers were really cold?

It is an exercise of perseverance and patience. But what if I told you that you could simply avoid one of the world’s most uncomfortable sensations?

This article will teach you how to avoid frostbite, cold fingers, and stinging knuckles by reviewing the best ice fishing gloves of 2022.

Review of the TOP 5 Best Winter Fishing Gloves for Ice Fishing & Cold Weather 2022

Have you ever attempted to tie a little hook to a thin line while your fingers were really cold?

It is an exercise of perseverance and patience. But what if I told you that you could simply avoid one of the world’s most uncomfortable sensations?

This article will teach you how to avoid frostbite, cold fingers, and stinging knuckles by reviewing the best ice fishing gloves of 2022.

The Best Gloves for Ice Fishing & Cold Conditions in 2022

Flexible Palmyth Fishing Gloves

For a dynamic and versatile approach, these gloves are an excellent choice. They provide the very best of both worlds. They are an excellent answer with a somewhat high degree of insulation and the flexibility to free your fingertips for thorough and delicate work.

These gloves have three ‘cut’ fingers on each hand. To obtain further dexterity, simply remove the fingertip portion.

Will it interfere with my ability to tie knots?

In fact, no. Palmyth appears to have considered every possibility. The back of each fingertip has a tiny magnet. When the tip of the finger part is flicked rearward, it is kept firmly out of the way. Once you are finished, disconnect it and reattach it to your finger.

While the gloves are not made of the thickest material, their breathable and windproof outer shell reduces the need for extensive padding.

However, it’s not simply the cold, right?

Right… Any portion of the glove that will be “working” is lined with durable and grippy leather in order to provide both function and warmth. Adjustable Velcro wrist straps hold the gloves securely in place.


  • Fabrics that are windproof and breathable avoid windchill.
  • I enjoyed the magnetic fingertips a lot. It’s a brilliant solution.
  • Neoprene is included in the glove to provide quick-drying qualities.


  • The gloves are water-resistant; however, your hands will become wet if drenched.
  • They are not the thickest, so you may want to consider an alternate for harsh weather.


They provide high-quality performance for a day that is just shy of a mile. The magnetic fingertips are unquestionably practical and foolproof.

There’s a lot to like about these gloves, and as long as you’re not fishing in very harsh circumstances, they’re a fantastic deal. If you like to see them in greater depth, please view this video.

Stormr Strykr Neoprene Gloves

With a 2mm thickness and a microfleece lining throughout, the Stormr Strykr gloves will keep your fingers warm. Once you put on the gloves, your fingers will remain covered until you remove them due to the absence of any holes in the fingers’ stitching.

What about water resistance?

In fact, they are waterproof; nevertheless, while they are designed to repel rain and snow, they are not intended to be immersed. The good news is that most of the glove is made from neoprene, a warm material that rapidly dries.

There’s more…

The fleece on the rear of the glove is a wonderful feature. When seated with the rod in your hands, the backs of your hands are typically exposed to the environment, so this additional protection is quite helpful.


  • Durable and textured duratex grip.
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Designed for use in tougher climates


  • It may be difficult to tie knots while wearing gloves.
  • If you immerse your hands while wearing these gloves, water will enter.


These gloves represent an acceptable compromise. They are not cumbersome, so they may be used for any work that does not demand your fingertips. If you don’t push them too hard, they should keep your hands warm and dry in anything but the most extreme situations.

Palmyth Ice Fishing Convertible Mittens

Now we’re talking…

Palmyth appears to be a master of invention, as they appear to have considered everything with their combination gloves. If you get a pair of convertible mittens, you will have an abundance of dexterity due to the fact that each particular digit has been removed to allow you to use all of your fingertips.

A microfibre fleece-lined mitten cover will keep your fingers cold while not in use.

There is a great deal more packed within these gloves as well. Since you are aware, when the wind blows, it can seem much colder than it actually is. Palmyth appears to be aware of this, as the gloves are lined with a windproof membrane.

They went so far as to integrate a pocket to store a heat pouch in each glove, allowing you to tailor your degree of warmth when the temperature lowers significantly.

But what about the disadvantages…

Again, the gloves are not completely waterproof, so while they will keep your hands toasty, you shouldn’t submerge them in water for an extended period of time.


  • Complete finger dexterity with the mitten removed.
  • Finger loops facilitate the rapid removal and wearing of the mitt part.
  • The gloves offer exceptional traction.


  • When wearing mitts, you have extremely restricted dexterity.


These gloves should not disappoint since they combine the best features of fingerless gloves and mittens. Magnets keep the mitten part out of the way and make them simple to use. These would be an excellent option for a versatile shoe.

Palmyth Winter Ice Fishing Gloves

Do you desire something that is warm, waterproof, and allows your fingers to move? If this is your criterion, then these gloves should meet all of your requirements.

These gloves have a dual lining and are packed with 3M Thinsulate and covered with a soft and thick fleece, providing the utmost warmth for your extremities.

As the palm surface is covered with anti-slip silicone, you will be able to maintain a strong grip regardless of the conditions when using them for actual fishing.

It would have been preferable if the entire palm had been coated with silicone instead of only the “pressure points,” but the areas without silicone are covered in a thick layer of gripping synthetic leather.

Other attributes?

Water resistance is the feature I wish to emphasize the most. Unlike our prior recommendations, these gloves allow you to hold your hand in water all day without becoming wet. If the conditions need something that will keep your hands completely as dry as possible, these gloves are an excellent option.

The devil is in the specifics…

The gloves also contain pull-on loops, and the ‘wiper’ on the thumb was a feature I particularly appreciated. It will also allow you to thaw a phone screen and eliminate the occasional nasal dribble. (Don’t worry, everyone does it)


  • Extremely thick insulation ensures warmth.
  • Built-in heating pad.
  • An ingenious wiper function.
  • 100% waterproof, even when completely submerged.


  • Unfit for employment that requires fine motor abilities.
  • Only half of the palm grip is lined.


These gloves are designed for very cold conditions. If you wish to fish in difficult circumstances and purchase a pair of high-quality gloves, you might consider them.

Your hands will be toasty and dry at all times, and they might be the best waterproof ice fishing gloves on the market. The main disadvantage is that you may need to remove them when handling small objects.

Magnetic Leather Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves

These gloves may be the warmest I’ve ever encountered. Utilizing a variety of materials and technologies to provide warmth. They have opted for gloves that are neither mittens nor true gloves.

Let me explain…

Imagine a lobster claw, and you will be close. The thumb and first finger have removable tips, while the other fingers are encased in a permanent mitten. The glove’s lack of movement is more than compensated for by its warmth. They are extensively insulated with dual-material insulation.

In contrast to our other gloves, the outside is made completely of natural materials, namely sturdy and rather attractive goat leather. This is advantageous since it is soft, gripping, and durable.

Hold on a minute…

This has a significant drawback in that it is not waterproof. They may survive the occasional splash or snow shower, but anything more than that will cause them to absorb the water.

In my opinion, this is a major disadvantage. If you have ever gotten leather wet, you know that as it dries, it becomes stiff and brittle as opposed to soft and flexible.


  • The warmest gloves I’ve ever discovered, with incredibly dense insulation.
  • Detachable magnetic thumb and fingertips.
  • Wind-resistant lining


  • Poor resistance to water
  • Having only one finger and one thumb available might be rather restrictive.


If I only fished on really cold, crystal-clear days, these would be an excellent purchase. The inflexibility of the mitten area is a matter of personal opinion since I prefer to have more than a finger and thumb free, but generally, these gloves provide excellent warmth.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Ice Fishing Gloves

If you have read our review, you will have seen that gloves have a remarkable amount of features. It is difficult to discern what is vital and what is not.

However, protecting your hands while ice fishing is nearly as important as protecting your feet. We will discuss the factors that transform ordinary fishing gloves into the best gloves for cold weather.

Should Gloves Be Worn When Fishing?

The simple response is that it depends. However, if you fish in cold weather, the response should be affirmative. Being warm is crucial.

If you’ve read my ice fishing equipment list, you’ve probably noticed that warm apparel appears early on. If you pick a pair that performs poorly, life will get more difficult. You will experience having cold, wet hands and being unable to fish effectively just once.

Choose something that represents a happy middle. Look for gloves that provide some degree of protection from the weather as well as the flexibility to allow you to use your hands properly.

It would be a travesty to discover the fish only to be forced to retire early because your fingers no longer function.

What are the best fishing gloves for winter?

Ultimately, you seek a solution that will accommodate the majority of your fishing needs. If you are a fisherman who prefers to leave their gloves on all day or who fishes in situations that need it, then you will be searching for a fish with qualities that allow you to do so. In this situation, detachable finger parts may be exactly what is required.

But pick carefully…

If you fish in milder weather, you probably won’t require super-thick gloves with detachable finger parts. In brief, compile a list of the elements that are most important to you, such as waterproof or well-insulated fishing gloves, and then seek “extras.”

What Materials Do the Best Winter Fishing Gloves Contain?

Neoprene is a reliable material. It retains heat effectively, has some water resistance, and dries rapidly after becoming wet. Check the palm areas for rubberized or leather gripping surfaces.

The lining of the gloves is just as essential. Windproof layers allow you to choose a glove with less thickness. The insulation provided by 3M is the best for keeping hands warm.

The tale does not stop here…

If you have fished for any length of time, you are aware that your equipment may become, well, dirty. You will be handling a variety of items, including fish and bait.

Therefore, it is essential that you be able to wash your gloves occasionally.

What is more crucial is that they emerge from the washing machine the same size as when they entered! Choose items that are machine-washable.

Oh, and remember to breathe…

Wind and waterproof layers are all well and good, but if they cause moisture to accumulate within the glove, your hands may still become wet and cold.

Ensure that your gloves, if they are waterproof, are also breathable.

Do I Need Mittens or Gloves for Winter Fishing?

There is a trade-off. Mitts keep the fingers warmer than gloves because they have a larger interior surface area that retains more heat. But by wearing mitts, one loses overall dexterity.

Manufacturers have thankfully solved this issue, so you may have the best of all worlds with mitten portions that fold or half mitts.


My selection of the best ice fishing gloves for 2022 has a variety of options. However, in order to make a decision, you will need to choose which quality is most essential to you.

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