Under Armour Kilchis Fishing Shoes Review

These are often new shoes designed specifically for wet people. I haven’t read the press release or the media set about the shoes. The information here is not marketing literature, but a real-life observation. The new Under Armour Kilchis Fishing Shoes is a thick foam base and breathable mesh ball. In 99% of the surfaces I’ve tested so far, the bottom is very sticky after 2 days of use. This is a 1% waxed fiberglass layer on the side of the bass bowl.

Under Armour Kilchis Fishing Shoes Review
Under Armour Kilchis Fishing Shoes Review 3

Armor Micro G Kilchis fishing boots are water boots designed for different situations. They are designed for transport on ships and boats, on land, and on water. Styles like sneakers offer flexibility.

The Amour sent us some feedback to give us UA Micro G Under Armour Kilchis Fishing Shoes. After trying Kilchis shoes while fishing on the beach and in the river, we learned:

Under Armour Kilchis Fishing Shoes Review

I love that I like the fishing boats on the Armor Micro G Kilchis.

The shoes are better than the Spartan specs and the photos you find online will convince you – so the manufacturer sends you an application to try them on for you.

In Kil Chi, in particular, I didn’t want to try it because I went through a lot of land and dirt on the beach and caught trout quickly – and I wasn’t sure about the connection system. I also wear sandals when walking, kayaking and sewing. I like that my shoes fit in the water.

If you look at photos of Kilchis products at UA, the only thread you see is a flexible cable with a closed-loop. And in general, a flexible cushioning system isn’t good for WINTER TROUT FISHING– I need to be able to adjust my feet so they don’t slip into wet shoes when it’s raining.

As it turns out, lace is traditional lace – no rubber and you can tie it! Sometimes people take products and companies make great links, hiding them to hide a clean and tidy image, but I’m sure it’s here. . . unless there is no way to put a link behind the language. One person removed the link to remove a lot of photos online, showing a very different link system to unsuspecting online shoppers. That’s not good.

But on their own the shoes are good! Let’s take a closer look.

The UA Micro G Kilchis in Action

The best test sites for me are the rivers and coasts of Idaho and Washington. I managed to climb a variety of landscapes, including a round flat ball the size of a bowling ball, as well as wet rock slabs, wet quicksand, loose rock, and dry sand.

I knew the UA Micro G Kilchis fishing boots were the real thing when I bought them for fishing on a warm spring day. So, I hope to transform into a set of hunting and towing shoes in the swamp. . . but due to the unseasonal hot sun and fast, high water, I decided to escape by staying near the beach in shorts and water shoes.

I’m right. But I was surprised at Kilchi’s appearance.

First, you get a solid foundation that will handle rough terrain. I was able to descend the steep rocky slope with ease. When I got to the river, I was able to get into the water and stay on the relatively slippery bottom and rock wells. (This year the slime buildup on the rock wasn’t as much as they had to deal with, but it was slippery nonetheless.)

Drainage & Debris

All great water shoes have nice water. The best sneakers are usually on one foot that gets out of the running shoe very quickly. The Kilchis Micro G rear shoe has 8 holes that pump water into the shoe from the middle and side.

In addition, the outer surface of the mesh dries quickly and also sprays water as you walk.

Every shower is good, but what about sand? Sand falls everywhere. You can’t keep all the dust in your wet shoes, but you can reduce the problem. UA water shoe insole is a simple mesh that keeps dust from entering the shoes. The same is true for nets with lots of outdoor braids.

The collar wraps tightly around my ankles but does not look like socks so you can remove dust and dirt from your shoes when you go to the beach. With sneakers like neoprene socks, like the NRS Backwater Wet shoes, you can break a lot of sand while leaving the comfort of classic sneakers. That’s why I love sneaker-type sneakers – I promise the sand is sand.

Excellent Comfort

The match is awarded. My feet are tight and the joint system allows me to glue. I think medium-sized feet will fit perfectly. I’m not sure about wide feet, but I can tell you that if your feet aren’t too big, the upper probably has enough flexibility to hug your feet.

The midsole is made with Under Armor “Micro G” foam, which offers a stable and responsive ride. I found the Micro G Kilchis very comfortable after a long day of fishing.

The main feature of the UA Micro G Kilchis fishing shoe that sets this shoe apart from other water boots is the heel pocket design.

Some competition water shoes have a very heavy heel glide when you are active and get out of the water in a sockless water shoe. The Kimchi fishing boots have a forward-angled heel that provides some form fit, but there are also two pads that provide some contact on the heel and around the bottom of the Achilles tendon. The result for me was that I got a better match than I expected, a match that could handle rougher terrain than I thought.

This doesn’t mean water shoes are too good – they really aren’t. They are very light and soft. If you’re looking for a super durable water shoe, opt for the Wading Simms Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe.

The closest competitor water shoes the Man Makes Fire recommends are the Columbia Drainmaker IV water shoe and the Chaco Torrent Pro water shoe.

The Columbia Drainmaker IV shoe looks more like a sneaker than the UA Micro G Kilchis shoe. The Chaco Torrent Pro shoe has a sock-like upper and is better suited for playing in the water than fishing. All three are universal full-coverage water shoes.

The UA Kilchis Verdict

Overall, I was surprised how much I really liked the UA Micro G Kilchi fishing boots. They are lightweight, quick to launch, and have a comfortable base that protects the feet from stones. The unmarked sidewalk design is not very aggressive but can be used on slippery stones. Highly recommended.

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